Order of Battle – USA




B = Biographical Sketch, D = Diary, I = Image, M = Memoir, MH = Medical History, MOH = Medal of Honor, News = Newspaper Account, OC = Official Correspondence, OR = Official Report, PC = Private Correspondence, T = JCCW Testimony

Bvt. Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott, General-in-Chief (News, T)

McDowell’s Army

(Sometimes now called Army of Northeastern Virginia)

Brig. Gen. Irvin McDowell (B, OC, OR1, OR2, T1, T2)

Acting Assistant Adjutant General (AAAG)

  • Capt. James B. Fry (M,OC)

Acting Assistant Quartermaster (AAQ)

  • Capt. O. H. Tillinghast (MW)


  • Capt. H. F. Clarke, Chief of Subsistence Department (OR)
  • Lieut. George Bell, Acting Commissary Subsistence (OR)
  • Lieut. James Curtis(s), Acting Commissary Subsistence (OR)
  • Lieut. John P. Hawkins, Acting Commissary of Subsistence (OR)

Signal Officers

  • Maj. Albert Myer
  • Maj. Malcolm McDowell (Ass’t)


  • Maj. J. G. Barnard, Chief (B, OR, T)
  • Capt. A. W. Whipple, Topographical Engineer
  • 2nd Lt. H. S. Putnam, Topographical Engineer


  • Surgeon W. S. King (OR)
  • Assist Surgeon Magruder


  • Maj. W. F. Barry, 5th Artillery (OR, T)


  • Lt. Geo. C. Strong

Acting Inspector General (AIG)

  • Maj. W. H. Wood, (17th US Inf)

Aides-de-camp (ADC)

  • 1st Lt. H. W. Kingsbury, Fifth Artillery (B)
  • 2nd Lt. Guy V. Henry
  • Maj. Clarence S. Brown, New York Militia
  • Maj. James S. Wadsworth, New York Militia (T)

First Division

Brig. Gen. Daniel Tyler (B, OR1, OR2, T1, T2, OC)

  • Capt. A. Baird, AAAG
  • Capt. Merrill, AAQ
  • Capt. B. S. Alexander, Chief Engineer
  • 1st Lt. H. L. Abbot, Topographical Engineer/ADC
  • Lt. J. C. Audenried, ADC
  • Lt. D. C. Houston, ADC
  • Lt. P. H. O’Rorke, ADC (PC1, PC2)
  • Lt. E. Upton, ADC

First Brigade

Col. Erasmus D. Keyes (OR, T)

  • Lt. H. A. Hascall, AAAG
  • Lt. (H. C.?) Hodge(s?), AAQ
  • Lt. Ely, Commissary
  • Lt. Gordon, ADC
  • Lt. Walter, ADC
  • Dr. P. W. Ellsworth, Surgeon of CT Brigade (PC)

2nd MEVI

  • Col. Charles D. Jameson (OR)
    • “Stephen” (PC)
      • Co. A – Lt. Rinaldo B. Wiggin (PC)
      • Co. D – Cpl. Benjamin F. Smart (PC, I)
      • Co. G – James Kelley (PC)
      • Co. H – Sgt. William P. Holden (PC)
        • Pvt. George Field (PC)

1st CTVI

  • Col. G. S. Burnham (OR)
    • Lt. Col. Speidel
      • Co. A. – Pvt. Charles H. Hayes (I)
      • Co. H – Capt. Richard Fitzgibbon (PC)
      • Co. E – Pvt. David Sloane (PC)

2nd CTVI

3rd CTVI

  • Col. J. L. Chatfield (B, OR)
    • Major Alexander Warner  (PC)
      • Surgeon John McGregor (I)
      • Chaplain Junius M. Willey (PC)
      • Unknown Pvt. (PC)
        • Co. A – Lt. Lucius L. Bolles (PC)
          • Pvt. George Coles Brown (PC)
        • Co. C – G. W. B. (PC)
        • Co. D – Capt. Frederick Frye (PC)
        • Co. I – Pvt. Augusts E. Bronson (C) (PC, I)

Second Brigade

Brig. Gen. Robert C. Schenck (OR)

2nd NYSM (Later 82nd NYVI)

  • Col. G. W. B. Tompkins
    • Unknown Captain (PC)
    • Pequot (PC)
    • Unknown (PC)

1st OHVI (3 Month)

  • Col. Alexander McD. McCook
    • Co. A – Pvt. Henry Harrison Comer (PC)

2nd OHVI (3 Month) – Lt. Col. R. Mason (Col. Lewis Wilson)

  • Col. Lewis Wilson
    • Lt. Col. R. Mason
      • Co. A – Pvt. Oliver S. Glenn (PC)
      • Co. G – Corp. William Pittenger (PC, I)

Battery E, 2nd US Artillery (6 Guns)

  • Capt. J. H. Carlisle (OR)
    • Lt. John M. Wilson (OR)
    • Lt. Stephen C. Lyford (OR)
    • Lt. Edward B. Hill (OR)
    • Lt. William B. D. Fuller (OR)

Battery G, 1st US Artillery (1 Gun)

  • Lt. Peter C. Hains

Third Brigade

Col. W. T. Sherman (B, News, OR, PC1, PC2PC3, PC4PC5, PC6)

  • Lt. A. Piper, AAAG
  • Lt. J. F. McQuesten, AAQ
  • Col. Coon, (WI), ADC
  • Lt. Bagley, ADC

13th NYVI (N)

  • Col. Isaac F. Quinby
    • Byron (PC)
    • Co. A
      • A. [?.] C., (PC)
      • Pvt. Daniel A. Sharpe (PC)
      • Fifer Sherman Greig (PC)
    • Co.B
      • Sgt. Mark J. Bunnell (PC1, PC2)
      • Corp. George M. Morris (PC)
      • Pvt. Clarence D. Hess (Band) (PC)
      • Pvt Miles O. Wright (PC)
    • Co. C – Capt. Adolph Nolte (PC1, PC2)
    • Co. D – Lt. Edwin S. Gilbert (PC, I)
    • Co. E –
      • Unknown (PC)
      • W (PC)
        • Pvt. Wilbur D. Cook (PC)
    • Co. F
      • Pvt. George Trimble (PC)
      • Pvt. Thomas Westcott (PC)
    • Co. G (1st) – Lt. Israel H. Putnam (PC)
      • Lt. Walter M. Fleming (PC1, I)
      • Sgt. William L. Fleming (PC)
      • W (PC)
      • Pvt. Anson Hobart (PC)
      • Pvt. Robert S. Parker (PC)
    • Co. H (1st) – Capt. Henry B. Williams (PC)
    • Co. K – Lt. Eugene P. Fuller (PC)

69th NYSM

  • Col. Michael Corcoran (W&C) (PC1, PC2, I)
    • J. F. F (PC)
    • Capt. J. Kelly (OR)
      • Co. A
        • Pvt. Alexander Carolin (PC)
        • Thomas D. Norris (PC)
      • Co. D – P. J. R. (PC)
      • Co. E
        • M. Crosbie (PC)
        • John Stacom (PC)
      • Co. F – Pvt. Thomas McQuade (PC)
      • Co. G – Pvt. James Rorty (PC, I)
      • Co. I – Pvt. Peter Kelly (I)
      • Co. K
        • Sgt. William O’Donohue (I)
        • “R” (PC)
79th NYVI
  • Col. J. Cameron (K)
    • Unknown (PC)
    • Co. F – Pvt. Alexander Campbell (PC)
    • Co. I – Pvt. John Glennon (Glennan) (PC)
    • Co. K
      • Sgt. John Kane (T)
      • Sgt. Charles McFadden (PC)

2nd WIVI

  • Col. Park S. Coon
    • Lt. Col. H. W.Peck
      • “C.” (PC)
        • Co. B – Pvt John E. Donovan (PC, MH)
        • Co. D
          • W. H. Foote (PC)
          • Pvt. Leonard Powell (PC)
          • Sgt. George F. Saunders (PC)
        • Co. E – Lt. Herman B. Jackson (M)
          • Sgt. Lyman H. Smith (PC)
        • Co. I – Capt. Thomas S. Allen (M)
          • “A” (PC)

Battery E, 3rd US Artillery (Sherman’s Battery) (6 Guns) (News)

  • Capt. R. B. Ayres (B, OR)

Fourth Brigade

Col. Israel B. Richardson (OR1, OR2, T)

  • Lt. R. L. Eastman, AAAG
  • Lt. C. H. Brightly, AAQ
  • 1st Lt. Frederick E. Prime, Engineer
  • Cadet J. T. Meigs, ADC

1st MAVI

  • Col. R. Cowdin
    • Co. H – Pvt. J. W. Day (PC)

12th NYVI

  • Col. Ezra L. Walrath (PC1, PC2)
    • Ed – (PC)
    • Co. A – W. B. C (PC)
    • Co. D – Pvt. Robert Porter Bush (PC, I)
    • Co. F – Capt. Milo W. Locke (PC)
    • Co. G – Pvt. Franklin E. Gates (PC)
    • Co. I – Capt. Henry A. Barnum (PC1, PC2, PC3, I)
      • Pvt. William Ray Wells (PC1, PC2)

2nd MIVI

  • Maj. Adolphus W. Williams
  • Ass’t. Surgeon Henry F. Lyster (M)
  • Laundress/Nurse Jane Hinsdale (N)
    • Co. A – 1st Lt. John Valentine Ruehle (PC)
      • 2nd Lt. Gustav Kast (PC)

3rd MIVI

  • Col. D. McConnell (I)
    • Lt. Col. Stevens
    • Maj. Stephen G.Champlin (T)
    • Co. E, Pvt. Michael P. Long (PC)

Battery M, 2nd US Artillery (4 Guns)

  • Capt. H. J. Hunt (OR)

Battery G., 1st US Artillery (2 Guns)

  • Lt. J. Edwards (OR)

Second Division

Col. David Hunter (W) (OR); Col. Andrew Porter (OR)

  • Lt. S. W. Stockton, ADC
  • Capt. W.D. Whipple, AAAG
  • Capt. D. P. Woodbury, Engineer
  • Hon. J. W. Arnold, ADC
  • Lt. Cross, ADC
  • Lt. D. W. Flagler, ADC

First Brigade

Col. Andrew Porter (OR, T)

  • Lt. W. W. Averell, AAAG (T)
  • Lt. J. B. Howard, AAQ
  • Lt. Bache, ADC
  • Lt. Trowbridge, ADC

8th NYSM

  • Col. G. Lyons (OR)
    • Richard (PC)

14th NYSM (News)

  • Col. Alfred M. Wood (W)
    • Lt. Col. Edward B. Fowler (OR)
    • Surgeon J. M. Homiston (T)
    • Asst. Surgeon William F. Swalm (T)
    • E. T. W. (PC)
    • G. H. Price (PC)
      • Co. A – Capt. Robert B. Jordan (PC, I)
        • Lieut. John H. Styles (PC)
          • Pvt. Joseph Sands (PC)
      • Co. C – Lieut. William H. Burnett (PC)
      • Co. D – Sgt. John Vliet (PC)
        • Pvt. John C. Brown (B, PC)
      • Co. E – Capt. William L. B. Stears (PC)
        • Pvt. Louis L. Hingle (PC)
        • Pvt. Joseph Marfing (POW) (Parole)
        • Pvt. George Plaskett (PC)
      • Co. H
        • Pvt Caleb H. Beal (PC)
        • Pvt. Richard F. Cole (PC)
        • Pvt. J. S. (PC)
      • Co. I – Pvt. Lewis Francis (MH, T)
      • Co. L (Engineers) – Cpl. John Fulton (PC)
        • Pvt. Peter W. Ostrander (PC)

27th NYVI

  • Col. H. W. Slocum (W) (T)
    • Maj. J. J. Bartlett (OR)
      • Surgeon Norman S. Barnes (PC)
        • Co. C – Pvt. Worcester Burrows (PC)
        • Co. D – Sgt Albert G. Northrup (PC)
          • Pvt. Albert Armstrong (I)
          • Pvt. John W. Burrows (PC)
          • Pvt. Charles N. Elliott (PC)
          • Pvt. Frederick Fowler (PC)
          • Pvt. Delos Payne (PC)
          • Pvt. Benjamin Franklin Spencer (PC)
          • Pvt. Charles Winters (PC)
        • Co. E
          • Hospital Steward Daniel W. Bosley (PC)
          • Pvt. Duncan L. Brown (PC)
        • Co. G – Lt. Horatio Seymour Hall (M)
          • Cpl. Guilford Wiley Wells (PC, I)
          • Pvt. John Alden Copeland (PC)
          • Pvt. William H. McMahon (PC)
        • Co. I – Lt. Samuel M. Harmon (IPC)
        • Co. K – “C” (PC)

US Infantry Battalion (8 Cos: C, G, 2nd US; B, D, G, H, K, 3rd US; G, 8th US)

  • Maj. G. Sykes (OR)
    • Lt. James P. Drouillard (PC, I)
    • Lt. Dangerfield Parker (M)

US Marine Corps Battalion

  • Maj. J. G. Reynolds (OR)
    • 2nd Lt. Robert Hitchcock (B, PC)
    • William Barrett (PC)
    • Observer (PC)
      • Pvt. William Barrett (PC)
      • Co. D – Charles H. Pierce (PC)

US Cavalry Battalion (7 Cos: A, E, 1st US; B, E, G, I, 2nd US; K, 2nd US Dragoons)

  • Maj. I. N. Palmer (OR)
    • Surgeon Charles Carroll Gray (D)
    • 2nd US Cavalry
      • Co. G – 2nd Lt. George A. Custer (M1, M2, M3, I)

Company D, 5th US Artillery (6 Guns)

  • Capt. C. Griffin (OR, T)
    • Lt. Charles E. Hazlett (T)
    • Lt. Horatio B. Reed (T)

Second Brigade

Col. Ambrose E. Burnside (OR, OC)

  • Lt. Merriman, AAAG
  • Capt. Anson, AAQ
  • Capt. Goohue, Commissary
  • Lt. Beaumont, ADC
  • Capt. Woodbury, ADC
  • Gov. Sprague, ADC

2nd NHVI

  • Col. Gilman Marston (W, I)
    • Lt. Col. Francis S. Fiske (OR, I)
    • Maj. Josiah Stevens, Jr (PC, I)
    • Surgeon George H. Hubbard (PC, I)
    • Chaplain Henry E. Parker
    •  “Corporal Trim” (PC)
      • Co. A – Pvt. Mattison C. Sanborn (PC)
      • Co. B – Capt. Simon Goodell Griffin (M, PC, I)
        • Pvt. John W. Odlin (PC)
        • C. A. M. (PC)
      • Co. C – Corp. Alfred W. Burnham (PC)
      • Co. D – Lt. Warren H. Parmenter (PC)
        • Pvt. Ezra C. Goodwin (PC, I)
      • Co. E – Cpl. Joseph S. Sweatt (PC1, PC2, I)
      • Co. F – Capt. Thomas Snow (PC, I)
        • 2nd Lt. Harrison D. F. Young (PC, I)
          • Sgt. Hugh R. Richardson (PC, I)
          • Sgt. Charles W. Fletcher (PC)
      • Co. G – Capt. Ephraim Weston (I)
      • Co. H – Lt. Joab N. Patterson (PC, I)

1st RIVI

  • Maj. J. P. Balch (OR)
    • “DeW” (PC1, PC2, PC3)
    • Unknown (PC)
      • Co. A
        • Pvt. Amos Bowen (I)
      • Co. C
        • Lt. Luther C. Warner (PC)
        • Unknown Officer (PC1, PC2)
        • “H” (PC)
        • Unknown (PC1)
        • Pvt. Moses Brown Jenkins (I)
      • Co. D – Pvt Albert Penno (PC)
      • Co. F – Pvt. Theodore W. King (PC)

2nd RIVI

  • Col. John S. Slocum (K)
    • Lt. Col. F. Wheaton (OR)
      • Maj. Sullivan Ballou (K) (PC)
      • Unknown Officer (PC)
      • “Canonicus” (PC1)
      • “Tockwotton” (PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4, PC5)
      • Co. C – Pvt. William J. Crossley (D)
      • Co. D – Capt. William H. P. Steere (I)
        • Corp. Samuel J. English (PC, I)
      • Co. E – Capt. Isaac Peace Rodman
        • Sgt. James A. Ward (PC)
        • Corp. Patrick Lyons (D)
        • Corp. William E. Smith (PC)
        • Pvt. Jeremiah Rathbun (PC)
      • Co. F – Capt. Levi Tower (K) (I)
        • Lt. John P. Shaw (PC)
          • Sgt. George Kidder (I)
            • Corp. David Douglass (I)
            • Corp. Theodore Jenks (I)
            • Corp. George Wood (I)
            • Corp. Francis Ronien (I)
              • Pvt. (Joseph or Lewis) Barnes (I)
              • Pvt. Jonathan Davidson (I)
              • Pvt. William Frazier (I)
              • Pvt. Charles Godfrey (I)
              • Pvt. Benjamin Hughes (I)
              • Pvt, Robert Johnstone (I)
              • Pvt. John Manning (I)
              • Pvt. James Newell (I)
              • Pvt. John Newell (I)
              • Pvt. Samuel Newman (I)
              • Pvt. Francis Osgood (I)
              • Pvt. Thomas Potter (I)
              • Pvt. Robert Robertson (I)
              • Pvt. Smith Salisbury (I)
              • Pvt. Albert L. Smith (I)
              • Pvt. Peter Taylor (I)
              • Pvt. William Worger (I)
      • Co. H – Pvt. Ezra Greene (PC)
      • Co. K – Leonard Belding (PC)
      • Battery A, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery (Reynolds’ Battery) of 6 13 lb. James Rifles
        • “Juvenis” (PC)
          • Pvt. Theodore Reichardt (D)
          • “Sergeant” (PC)
          • Unknown (1) (PC)

71st NYSM (D, PC, N)

  • Col. H. P. Martin (OR)
    • John Ellis (PC)
    • Unknown (PC)
    • Pvt. Josiah Favill (D)
    • Co. A – Pvt. Edward P. Doherty (PC, I)
    • Co. H – J. H. G. (PC1, PC2)
    • Co. I – Capt. Augustus van Horne Ellis (2 Boat Howitzers)
      • Sgt. William H. Garrison (PC)
      • Pvt. Samuel Bond (PC)
      • “Georgie” (PC)

Third Division

Col. Samuel P. Heintzelman (W) (OR, T)

  • Capt. Chauncey McKeever, AAAG
  • Capt. Horatio Wright, Chief Engineer
  • Lt. Fairbanks, ADC
  • Lt. F. U. Farquhar, ADC
  • Lt. George W. Snyder, ADC
  • Lt. Sweet, ADC

First Brigade

Col. William B. Franklin (OR, T)

  • Capt. Walworth Jenkins, AAG
  • Lt. Charles H. Gibson, AAG
  • Lt. Baker, ADC
  • Lt. Hartranft, ADC

5th MAVI

  • Col. S. C. Lawrence (W)
    • “R” (PC)
    • Unknown (PC)
    • Co. F – Capt. David Kilburn Wardwell
    • Co. G – Capt. George L. Prescott
      • Pvt. Edward F. Phelps (PC)
    • Co. I
      • Unknown (PC)
      • “W” (PC)

11th MAVI

  • Col. George Clark, Jr.
    • Surgeon Luther V. Bell (PC)
    • Co. B – Pvt. Thomas Green (PC, I, B)

1st MNVI

  • Col. W. A. Gorman (OR)
    • Lieut. Col. Stephen A. Miller (PC, PC2, I)
      • Chaplain Rev. Edward D. Neill (I, PC1, PC2)
      • Asst. Surgeon Charles W. Le Boutillier (PC)
      • Unknown Officer (PC)
        • Co. A – Capt. Alexander Wilkin (PC)
          • Private (PC)
          • Private (2) (PC)
          • Pvt. William Nixon (PC)
        • Co. B – Cpl. Gustaf E. Granstrand (I)
          • Pvt. John E. Goundry (PC)
        • Co. C – Pvt. George L. Smith (PC)
        • Co. F – Cpl. James A. Wright (M1, M2, M3, M4)
        • Co. G
          • Pvt Edward H. Bassett (PC1, PC2)
          • Pvt. Mortimer Stimpson (PC)
4th PAVI
  • Col. John Frederick Hartranft (MOH) (This regiment refused to advance on July 21, claiming its enlistments had expired.  Col. Hartranft joined the brigade staff.)

Company I, 1st US Artillery (6 Guns)

  • Capt. J. B. Ricketts (W&C) (PC, T1, T2)
    • Lieut. Edmund Kirby (OR)

Second Brigade

Col. Orlando B. Willcox (W&C) (OR1, OR2PC); Col. John Henry Hobart Ward (OR)

  • Lt. Woodruff, AAAG
  • Lt. J. R. Edie, ADC
  • Lt. Francis H. Parker, ADC

11th NYVI (Fire Zouaves)

  • Col. Noah Lane Farnham (MW)
    • J. A. S. (PC)
    • Co. A – Lt. Edward Burgin Knox (PC)
    • Co. E
      • Pvt. Henry W. Link (PC)
      • Pvt. Lewis H. Metcalfe (M)
    • Co. G – Pvt. Harry Lazarus (PC)

38th NYVI

  • Col. John Henry Hobart Ward
    • Lt. Col. A. Farnsworth (OR)
    • Asst. Quartermaster/Ensign Jacob Leonard (PC)
    • Officers’ Clerk George L. Russell (PC)
      • Co. A – Pvt. John C. Hallock (PC)
      • Co. F – 2nd Lt. Fred W. Shipman (PC)
      • Co. H – Capt. William H. Baird (PC)
        • Pvt. John H. Morrison (PC)
      • Co. I – Capt. Calvin S. DeWitt (PC)
      • Co. K – Unknown Sgt. (PC)
        • Pvt. James A. Coburn (PC)
        • Unknown (PC)

1st MIVI

  • Maj. Alonzo F. Bidwell (OR)
    • Co. F – Pvt. Charles W. Farrand (PC)

4th MIVI (not engaged – at Fairfax CH)

  • Col. Dwight A. Woodbury

Company D, 2nd US Artillery (4 Guns)

  • Capt. Richard Arnold (OR)
    • Lt. Barriger
    • Lt. Throckmorton

Third Brigade

Col. Oliver O. Howard (OR)

  • Capt. Burt, AAAG
  • Lt. Burt, AAQ
  • Lt. D. H. Buel, ADC
  • Lt. A. Mordecai, Jr., ADC
  • Pvt. Charles H. Howard (IPC)

3rd MEVI

  • Maj. Henry G. Staples (OR)
    • Co. A – Sgt. Lincoln Litchfield (PC)
    • Co. C – G. S. A. (PC)
    • Co. G – Albert (PC)

4th MEVI

  • Col. Hiram G. Berry (OR, PC)
    • “4th” (PC)
      • Co. K – Capt. Silas M. Fuller (PC)
        • Pvt. Samuel S. Hersey, Jr. (PC)

5th MEVI

  • Col. Mark H. Dunnell (OR)
    • H. J. E. (PC)
    • Q (PC)
    • Unknown (1) (PC)
    • Unknown (2) (PC)
      • Co. B
        • Typo (PC)
        • Unknown (PC)
      • Co. D – Unknown (PC)
      • Co. E – Sgt. Frank L. Lemont (PC)
      • Co. G – Pvt. Joseph Leavitt (PC1, PC2)

2nd VTVI

  • Col. Henry Whiting (OR)
    • Lt. Col. George J. Stannard
      • Maj. Charles. H. Joyce (PC)
        •  Unknown Captain (PC)
        • W (PC1, PC2)
          • Co. B – Capt. J. Hope
            • Unknown Irishman (PC)
          • Co. D – Sgt. Eldon A. Tilden (PC)
          • Co. E – Capt. R. Smith
            • Sgt. Harrison Dewey (PC)
          • Co. F
            • Pvt George W. Doty (PC)
            • J. B. L. (PC)
          • Co. H – Sgt. Abraham Ford (PC)
          • Co. K – Unknown (PC)

Fourth Division (Not Engaged)

Brig. Gen. Theodore Runyon

1st NJSM

  • Col. A. J. Johnson

2nd NJSM

  • Col. H. M. Baker

3rd NJSM

  • Col. W. Napton

4th NJSM

  • Col. M. Miller

1st NJVI

  • Col. W. R. Montgomery (OR)

2nd NJVI

  • Col. G. W. McLean

3rd NJVI

  • Col. G. W. Taylor

41st NYVI

  • Col. L. von Gilsa

Fifth Division

Col. Dixon S. Miles (OR, PC)

  • Capt. T. M. Vincent, AAAG
  • Lt. John P. Hawkins, AAQ
  • 1st Lt. Frederick E. Prime, Engineer
  • Maj. Ritchie, ADC
  • Lt. A. H. Cushing, ADC
  • Lt. George H. Mendell, ADC
  • Lt. McMillan, ADC

First Brigade (Held in reserve at Centreville – covered retreat)

Col. Louis Blenker (OR, T)

8th NYVI

  • Lt. Col. J. Stahel

29th NYVI

  • Col. A. von Steinwehr

39th NYVI

  • Col. F. G. D’Utassy

27th PAVI

  • Col. M. Einstein

Company A, 2nd US Artillery (4 Guns)

  • Capt. J. C. Tidball

Brookwood’s (Varian’s) New York Battery (6 Guns of the 8th NYSM, manned by men from the 8th & 29th NYVI)

  • Capt. C. Brookwood

2nd Brigade

Col. Thomas A. Davies (OR1, OR2, T)

  • Lt. Cowdrey, AAAG
  • Lt. Hopkins, AAQ
  • Lt. Thomas C. Bradford, Commissary
  • Lt. Howland, ADC

16th NYVI

  • Lt. Col. S. Marsh (OR)
  •  Maj. Buel Palmer (PC)
    • J. A. V. (PC)
    • “Soldier” (PC)
    • Co. G – 1st Sgt. John Henry Austin (I)
      • 2nd Sgt. Edwin O. Betts (I)
      • 3rd Sgt. Luther Lee Partridge (I)
      • 4th Sgt. Andrew Christie Bayne (I)

18th NYVI

  • Col. W. A. Jackson
    • Co. D – Sgt. John S. King (PC)

31st NYVI

  • Col. C. E. Pratt (OR)
    • Lt. Col. William H. Browne (PC)
    • Surgeon Frank Hamilton (PC)

32nd NYVI

  • Col. R. Matheson
    • Unknown (PC)
    • Co. A – Capt. Jerome Rowe (PC)
    • Co. I – Lieut. Prentice B. Wager (PC)

Company G., 2nd US Artillery (4 Guns)

  • Lt. O. D. Greene (OR)

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23 08 2009
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[…] was enough for me to show Burnham as in command of the regiment on my order of battle for McDowell’s army.  A few weeks ago, I happened upon a website maintained by paleontologist William Parker, which I […]


19 10 2009

Hey guys. I’m looking a good OoB with regimental strenght. Each OoB I’ve found is on brigade level. Maybe someone could help me? Best regards.


19 10 2009
Harry Smeltzer

Good question – I wish I had a good answer for you. Strengths are really tough to come by for any campaign, even one as early as BR1. It’s mind-numbing work. I’ve never seen any good table of strength by regiment. It may be something that Jonathon is working on at http://firstbullrun.co.uk/


15 04 2013

Have you ever heard of a ‘Joseph Christie Green,born Feb14,18? ,died battle ‘bull run” Sept,24,1861?


16 04 2013
Harry Smeltzer

I’ll need a little more info, like where was he from?


30 07 2015
Will Hickox

Harry: There is a letter from a 12th New York soldier, Frank Gates, here:


about 3/4 of the way down the page.


30 07 2015
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks Will. I’ll take a look.


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