U. S. Marine Battalion Casualties and Major John G. Reynolds Pre-Campaign Address

24 11 2022


The marine battalion under command of Major Reynolds have suffered far less than first reported. The following is official: their full strength, including officers and privates, was 353.

Killed – Lieutenant Hitchcock; Privates Calagg, Harris, Hughes, Lane, Moore, Perkins, Riley, and Ward; Wounded and absent, Corporal Steiner; Privates Stuart, Bowers, Siemons, and Bradford; Wounded in Hospital, Brevet Major Zeilen, Lieutenant Hale; Privates Dodge, Etchel, Liger, Lang, McKinney, McKann, Wheelan, McGrugan, Howde. Bannohan, Cook, and Potter; Missing, Barrett, Hunt, McChristal, Clark, McCoy, Lewis, Bears, Dempsey, Kressler, Dermont, Otto, Cannon, Stanley, Duncanson, Foley, and Wood.

The first impression was, that this battalion had lost near 150 of their number. The above official report gives 8 killed, 44 missing and sick.

Previous to their leaving, the barracks Major Reynolds, delivered the following short address:

“Fellow Soldiers: Marines, you are called to the field to co-operate with the army. You belong to a corps that has never faltered in its duty. It has ever gained the admiration and applause of its country; and soldiers, why should we not have it now? You are recruits but partially drilled, but your commanding officer feels assured he will have no cause to complain – on the contrary, have reason to believe, if an opportunity offers, the same renown will be meted out to our little band.

“Obedience and strict attention to duty is all that is required to secure success.

“Our commandant is here, with the pride and feelings of a soldier. Let us do honor to our country’s cause, and those who have deemed it proper to call for our services.”

The whole force of marines in the action numbered about three hundred and sixty men, of whom not more than twenty had been in the service longer than three months. Notwithstanding this fact, however, they behaved on the field like veterans; and, after three several times attempting to support Captain Griffin’s battery, they were forced to follow the other panic-stricken troops.

(Washington, D. C.) National Republican, 7/25/1861

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