Soldier Images – CSA

Capt. John Dabney Alexander, Alexander’s Troop, 30th Virginia Cavalry

Pvt. George W. Bagby, 11th Virginia Infantry, Aide to Col. Thomas Jordan, AAG to Beauregard

Maj. William Smith Hanger Baylor, 5th Virginia Infantry

Brig. Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard

Capt. Alfred Horatio Belo, Co. D, 11th North Carolina Infantry

Pvt. Francis Bartow Bevill, Co. B, 8th Georgia Infantry

Capt. Elbert Bland, Co. H, 7th South Carolina Infantry

Capt. Albert Gallatin Brown, Co. H, 18th Mississippi Infantry

Corp. Felix Butler, Co. G, 4th Alabama Infantry

Pvt. Nathaniel Mann Calder, Co. D, 7th Georgia Infantry

Lt. George Hunter Carmical, Co. A, 7th Georgia Infantry

Chaplain William Davidson Chaddick, 4th Alabama Infantry

Pvt. Thomas W. Colley, Co. L (Washington Mounted Rifles), 1st Virginia Cavalry

Pvt. Edward Henry Vance Davenport, Co. H, 4th Alabama Infantry

Capt. Nathaniel H. R. Dawson, Co. C, 4th Alabama Infantry

Col. Charles F. Fisher, 6th North Carolina Infantry

Capt. Edward Fontaine, Co. K, 18th Mississippi Infantry

Lt. Douglas French Forrest, Co. H, 17th Virginia Infantry

Capt. Giles Goode, Co. D, 5th Alabama Infantry

Capt. Asher Waterman Harman, Co. G, 5th Virginia Infantry

Robert R. Hemphill, Orderly to Brig. Gen. Milledge Luke Bonham

Capt. George Hillyer, Co. C, 9th Georgia Infantry

Pvt. Samuel W. Hood, Co. C, 5th Alabama Infantry

Pvt. William J. Hubbard, Co. H, 18th Virginia Infantry

Capt. Porter King, Co. G, 4th Alabama Infantry

Sgt. George Washington Kurtz, Co. K, 5th Virginia Infantry

Lt. Col. James Madison Leach, 11th North Carolina Infantry

Thomas Saltus Lubbock, Longstreet’s Brigade

Lt. Stephen Newton McCraw, Co. C, 4th Alabama Infantry

Sgt. William Alexander McQueen, Co. D, 2nd South Carolina Infantry

Capt. Adam McWillie, Co. G, 18th Mississippi Infantry

Pvt. William Rhadamanthus Montgomery, Co. I, 2nd South Carolina Infantry

Cpt. George V. Moody, Madison Light Artillery, 49th Virginia Infantry

Lt. Samuel Johnson Cramer Moore, Co. I, 2nd Virginia Infantry

Capt. William H. Murray, Co. H, 1st Maryland Infantry

Pvt. George Calvin Nettles, Co. C, 5th Alabama Infantry

Dr. Josiah C. Nott, Volunteer Surgeon, Army of the Potomac

Musician/Band Director Timothy Dwight Nutting, 13th Mississippi Infantry

Pvt. Rufus H. Peck, Co. C, Botetourt Dragoons, Attached to 30th Virginia Cavalry

Lt. John Calvin Reed (Reid), Co. I, 8th Georgia Infantry

Lt. William Mack Robbins, Co. G, 4th Alabama Infantry

Maj, Charles Henry Smith (Bill Arp), Commissary, 8th Georgia Infantry

Pvt Edward R. Simms, Co. D, 2nd South Carolina Infantry

Benjamin Franklin Terry, Longstreet’s Brigade

Pvt. James Lilburn Ustick, Co. B, 5th Alabama Infantry

Maj. James Burdge Walton, Washington Artillery of New Orleans

Capt. James Hurley Waters, Co. L, 5th Virginia Infantry

Pvt. William C. Ward, Co. G, 4th Alabama Infantry

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