Order of Battle – CSA




B = Biographical Sketch D = Diaries I = Image M = Memoirs N = Newspaper Accounts OC = Official Correspondence OR = Official Report PC = Private Correspondence

Army of the Potomac

Brig. Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard (M, OCOR1, OR2 Pt 1OR2 Pt 2, OR3,)

Acting Assistant Adjutant General (AAAG)

  • Col. T. Jordan (OR)
    • Pvt. George W. Bagby (IM)
  • Capt. C. H. Smith

Acting Assistant Quartermaster (AAQ)

  • Maj. Cabell


  • Col. R. B. Lee

Signal Officer


  • Col. Williamson


  • Chief Surgeon R. L. Brodie


  • Col. S. Jones

Aides-de-camp (ADC)

  • Col. Chesnut
  • Col. Chisolm
  • Col. Hayward
  • Col. Manning 
  • Col. Miles
  • Col. Preston
  • Col. Rice
  • Capt. D. B. Harris
  • Capt. W. H. Stevens
  • Lt. W. Ferguson
  • Lt. H. E. Peyton

Headquarters Escort

  • Capt. John F. Lay, Powhatan Troop (OR)
    • Capt. K. E. Utterback, Little Fork Rangers

First Brigade

Brig. Gen. Milledge L. Bonham (OR1, OR2, OC)

  • Col. Lay, AAG
  • Col. Kemper, AAQ
  • Lt. Washington, AAQ
  • Maj. Kennedy, Chief Commissary
  • Maj. Walton, Military Secretary
  • Gen. Hagood, ADC
  • Gen. McGowan, ADC
  • Col. Aldrich, ADC
  • Col. Lipscomb, ADC
  • Col. Simpson, ADC
  • Maj. Butler, ADC
  • Maj. Davies, ADC
  • Maj. M. B. Lipsocmb, ADC
  • Maj. Tompkins, ADC
  • Capt. A. Moss, ADC
  • Capt. Nyles, ADC
  • Capt. Stevens, ADC
  • Capt. Venable, ADC
  • Robert R. Hemphill, Orderly (I)
  • “Palmetto (PC)

11th NCV (later 21st NCI)

  • Col. W. W. Kirkland (OR)
    • Lt. Col. J. M. Leach (PC, I)
    • Maj. J. M. Richardson
    • Unknown Officer (PC)
    • Unknown (PC)
      • Co. A – Capt. J. C. Hedgecock
      • Co. B –  Capt. J. K. Connally
      • Co. C – Capt. B. Y. Graves
      • Co. D – Capt. A. H. Belo (PC, I)
      • Co. E – Capt. R. W. Wharton
      • Co. F – Capt. R. K. Pepper
      • Co. G – Capt. S. Westmoreland
      • Co. H – Capt. J. R. Waugh
        • A. C. (PC)
      • Co. I –  Capt. J. C. Gilmer
      • Co. K – Capt. F. P. Miller
        • Sgt. Yerby Barneycastle (Cassel) (PC)
      • Co. L – Capt. J. H. Boyd
      • Co. M – Capt. William L. Scott (PC)

2nd SC

  • Col Joseph. B. Kershaw (OR1, OR2)
    • Lt. Col. E. P. Jones
    • Maj. A. D. Goodwyn
      • ADC Pvt. William Henry Hardy (N)
      • ADC Pvt. Edward Wallace (PC)
      • “M” (PC)
      • Unknown (1) (PC)
      • Unknown (2) (PC)
      • W. P. P. (PC)
        • Co. A – Capt. W. H. Casson
        • Co. B – Capt. A. D. Hoke
          • Pvt. John A. Jennings (PC)
        • Co. C – Capt. W. H. Wallace
        • Co. D – Capt. J. S. Richardson, Jr.
          • Pvt. Edward R. Simms (I)
        • Co. E – Capt. J. D. Kennedy
        • Co. F – Capt. W. W. Perryman
        • Co. G – Capt. C. C. Haile
        • Co. H – Capt. A. McManus
        • Co. I – Capt. G. B. Cuthbert
          • Unknown (1) (PC)
          • Unknown (2) (PC)
        • Co. K – Capt. A. B. Rhett

3rd SC

  • Col. J. H. Williams (OR1, OR2)
    • Co. A
      • Cpl. Taliaferro N. Simpson (PC)
      • Pvt. Richard W. Simpson (PC1, PC2)

7th SC

  • Col. T. G. Bacon (OR1, OR2)
    • Co. F – Calloway K. Henderson (M)

8th SC

  • Col. E. B. C. Cash (OR1, OR2)
    • Lt. Col. J. W. Henagan (OR)
    • Adjutant Sgt. William Sidney Mullins (PC)

8th LA (N)

  • Col. H. B. Kelly (Not in Johnston’s OOB)
    • Co. B – Capt. A. Larose (N)

30th VA Cav

  • Radford’s Squadron
  • Col. R. C. W. Radford (OR1, OR2)
    • Unknown (PC)
    • Botetort Dragoons – Capt. A. L. Pitzer
      • Pvt Rufus H. Peck (M, I)
    • Hanover Light Dragoons – Capt. William C. Wickham
      • Lt. William B. Newton (PC)
    • Radford Rangers – Capt. Winston Radford (KISA)
      • Unknown (M)
    • Fairfax Cavalry – Capt. E. B. Powell
  • Munford’s Squadron
  • Lt. Col. T. T.Munford (OR, M)
    • Unknown (PC)
    • Black Horse Troop – Capt. William H. Payne
    • Chesterfield Light Dragoons – Capt. William B. Ball
    • Franklin Rangers – Capt. G. W. H. Hale

Alexandria Light Artillery (4 Guns)

1st Company Richmond Howitzers (4 Guns)

  • Capt. J. C. Shields
    • 1st Lt. W. P. Palmer
    • 2nd Lt. E. S. McCarthy
    • “Howitzer” (PC)

Second Brigade

Brig. Gen. Richard S. Ewell (OR, PC1, PC2)

  • Lt. Col. Charles Humphrey Tyler, AAAG
  • Capt. Fitzhugh Lee, AAAG
  • Capt. Charles H. Rhodes, AQM
  • Lt. George Campbell Brown, ADC (M)
  • Cadet John Taliaferro, ADC
  • Robert F. Mason, ADC
  • Edgar A. Hudnut, Clerk

5th AL (D)

6th AL

  • Col. J. J. Seibels
    • BHB (PC)

6th LA

  • Col. J. G. Seymour
    • Co. E – 1st Sgt. John Tobin (PC)

Cavalry Battalion

  • Col. J. G. Jenifer

Washington Artillery (4 Guns)

  • T. L. Rosser

Third Brigade

Brig. Gen. David R. Jones (OR1, OR2)

  • Lt. Latham, AAAG
  • Capt. Coward, AAQ
  • Capt. Curfell, AAQ
  • Capt. Ford, AAQ
  • Capt. Taylor, AAQ
  • Lt. McLemore, AAQ

17th MS

  • Col. W. S. Featherstone (OR)

18th MS

  • Col. E. R. Burt (OR)
    • Lt. Col. T. M. Griffin
    • Maj. J. W. Balfour
      • Co. A – Capt. J. M. Jayne
      • Co. B – Capt. W. . Luse
      • Co. C – Capt. O. R. Singleton
        • “Ensis” (PC)
      • Co. D – Capt. C. F. Hamer
      • Co. E – Capt. J. W. Welborn
      • Co. F – Capt. G. B. Gerald
      • Co. G – Capt. A. McWillie (KIA)
        • Pvt. William C. File (PC)
      • Co. H – Capt. A. G. Brown
      • Co. I – Capt. W. G. Kearney
      • Co. K – Capt. E. D. Fontaine

5th SC

  • Col. Micah Jenkins (OR)
    • Unknown (PC)

Flood’s Company, 30th VA Cav

  • Capt. J. W. Flood

Washington Artillery (2 Guns)

  • Capt. M. B. Miller

Fourth Brigade

Brig. Gen. James Longstreet (OR1, OR2)

5th NCI

  • Col. McRae
  • Lt. Col. Joseph P. Jones (OR)
  • Unknown (PC)
    • Co. E – Capt. Samuel Reeves (PC)

1st VA

  • Col. Moore
  • Maj. F. G. Skinner

11th VA

  • Col. S. Garland

17th VA

  • Col. M. D. Corse (OR1, OR2)
    • “An Eye Witness” (PC)
    • Co. A – Capt. Morton Marye
    • Co. B – Capt. R. H. Simpson
    • Co. C – Capt. G. R. Head
    • Co. D – Capt. W. H. Dulany
    • Co. E – Capt. S. H. Devaughan
    • Co. F – Capt. G. S. Hamilton
    • Co. G – Capt. J. E. Towson, Jr.
    • Co. H – Capt. A. Herbert
      • Lt. Douglas French Forrest (PC, I)
      • Lt. William H. Fowle
      • Lt. W. W. Zimmerman
    • Co. I – Capt. S. W. Prestman
    • Co. K – Capt. B. H. Shackleford

24th VA

  • Col. P. Hairston

Company E, 30th VA Cav

  • Capt. E. Whitehead (OR)

Washington Artillery (2 Guns) (N)

  • Capt. Garnett

5th Brigade

Col. Philip St. George Cocke (OR, OC)

  • Capt. Harris, Chief Engineer

8th VA

  • Col. E. Hunton (M, OR)
    • Co. A – Pvt. Milton Robinson (PC)

18th VA

  • Col. R. E. Withers (OR)
    • Lt. Col. H. A. Carrington
    • Maj. George. C. Cabell
      • H***** (PC)
      • Co. A – Capt. W. P. Graves
      • Co. B – Capt. T. D. Claiborne
      • Co. C – Capt. H. T. Owen
      • Co. D – Capt. E. G. Wall
      • Co. E – Capt. R. Harrison
      • Co. F – Capt. R. A. Booker
      • Co. G – Capt. R. Connalley
      • Co. H – Capt. T. P. Mathews
        • Pvt. John Marshall Hamlet (PC)
        • Pvt. William J. Hubbard (PC, I)
      • Co. I – J. C. Luck
      • Co. K – Capt. T. J. Spencer
        • Lt. Matthew Lyle
          • S. D. S. (PC)

19th VA

  • Col. P. St. George Cocke
  • Lt. Co. J. B. Strange

28th VA

  • Col. R. T. Preston (OR)
    • Co. H – Pvt. William C. Kean (PC1, PC2, PC3)

49th VA (Battalion)

  • Col. W. Smith (M, OR)

Schaeffer’s Independent Battalion (N1, N2)

  • Cpt. F. B. Schaeffer (N1, N2)
    • Beauregard Rifles (N)
    • Crescent Blues (N1, N2, N3)
    • New Market Volunteers (N)

Loudon Artillery (4 Guns)

  • Capt. Arthur L. Rogers (OR)
    • Lieut. Henry Heaton

Lynchburg Artillery (4 Guns)

  • Capt. H. Grey Latham (OR)

Wise Troop (Cavalry Company)

  • Capt. John S. Langhorne (OR)
    • Lt. Charles Minor Blackford (PC, M)

6th Brigade

Col. Jubal A. Early (OR1, OR2, OC)

  • Capt. Gardner, AAAG
  • Lt. Willis, ADC

7th LA

  • Col. Harry T. Hays
  • Lt. Col. Charles De Choiseul
  • Maj. Davidson B. Penn
  • A Louisianan (PC)
  • Vivandiere (PC1, PC2)
    • Co. A – Pvt. John F. “Fred” Gruber (PC)
    • Co. B – L. D. (PC)
    • Co. E – Unknown (PC)
    • Co. H. – Pvt. John Stacker Brooks (N)

13th MS

  • Col. W. Barksdale

7th VA

  • Col. J. L. Kemper
    • Co. G – 1st Lt. Clarke Henry Thompson (PC)

Washington Artillery (5 Guns) (N)

  • Lt. C. W. Squires (OR)
  • Lt. J. B. Richardson
  • Lt. J. B. Whittington

7th Brigade

Col. Nathan G. Evans (B, OR)

  • Capt. A. L. Evans, AAAG
  • Capt. McCausland, ADC
  • Capt. Rogers, ADC

1st Special LA Battalion (N1, N2, N3)

  • Maj. C. R. Wheat (W) (OR)
  • Lt. Allen C. Dickinson, ADC (N)
    • Co. B (N)
      • Unknown (PC)
    • Co. D
      • Pvt. D. P. Gibson, (PC)
    • Co. E – Capt. Obed P. Miller (PC)
      • “W.” (PC)

4th SC

  • Col. J. B. E. Sloan (OR)
    • Lieut. Col. C. S. Mattison
    • Maj. J. H, Whitner
    • Maj. Samuel Wilkes (Adjutant) (KIA)
      • S. S. C. (PC)
      • Co. A – Capt. A. D. Hoke (Transferred to 2nd SC in May 1861)
      • Co. B – Capt. W. W. Humphreys
        • Lt. C. E. Earle (N)
      • Co. C – Capt. J. T. Dean
      • Co. D -Capt. J. Long
      • Co. E – Capt. F. W. Kilpatrick
      • Co. F – Capt. G. P. Poole
      • Co. G – Capt. J. G. Hawthorn
      • Co. H (1st) – Capt. J. W. Livingston
      • Co. H (2nd) – Capt. R. Y. H. Griffin
      • Co. I – Capt. W. W. Holingsworth
      • Co. J – Capt. W. H. Anderson
        • Corp. Warren D. Wilkes (PC)
      • Co. K – Capt. J. L. Shanklin

Alexander’s Troop, 30th VA Cav

  • Capt. J. D. Alexander (OR, I)

Terry’s Troop, 30th VA Cav

  • Capt. W. R. Terry (OR)

1 Section Lathams Artillery (2 Guns)

  • Lt. George S. Davidson (OR)
  • Lt. Clark Leftwich (PC)
    • Unknown (PC)

Reserve Brigade

Brig. Gen. Theophilus H. Holmes (OR)

  • Lt. Walker, AAAG
  • “Trion” (PC)

1st AR

  • Col. J. F. Fagan

2nd TN

  • Col. W. Bate

Purcell Artillery (6 Guns)

  • Capt. L. Walker

Albemarle Light Horse

  • Capt. Eugene Davis
  • Major John Scott
    • Unknown (PC)

Hampton’s SC Legion (6 Companies)

Col. Wade Hampton (W) (OR); Capt. J. Conner (PC1, PC2)

  • Unknown 1 (PC)
  • Unknown 2 (PC)
  • Unknown 3 (PC)
    • Co. A
      • Chaplain W[ashington]. L[ight]. I[nfantry]. (PC)
      • William C. Heriot (PC)
      • Charles W. Hutson (PC)
      • John E. Poyas (PC1, PC2)
      • Unknown 1 (PC)
      • Unknown 2 (PC)
      • Unknown 3 (PC)
    • Co. B – An Eyewitness (PC)

Harrison’s Battalion of Cavalry (4 Companies)

  • Maj. Julian Harrison

Camp Pickens Battery

  • Camp Pickens was under the command of Col. George Hunter Terrett (OC)
  • Capt. I. S. Sterrett
    • Capt. William King (PC1, PC2)

Army of the Shenandoah

Gen. Joseph E. Johnston (M, OR1, OR2), OC)

Acting Adjutant General (AAG)

Acting Assistant Adjutant General (AAAG)

  • Capt. Thomas L. Preston

Acting Assistant Quartermaster (AAQ)

  • Maj. McLean


  • Maj. Kearsley


  • Maj. William Henry Chase Whiting


  • Col. W. N. Pendleton (OR)


  • Col. Thomas

Aides-de-camp (ADC)

  • Col. Cole
  • Col. Duncan
  • Maj. Dees
  • Capt. Fauntleroy
  • Capt. Mason
  • Lt. James B. Washington

1st Brigade

Brig. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson (OR, PC)

  • Col. F. B. Jones, AAAG
  • Lt. A. S. Pendleton, Ordnance
  • Capt. Marshall, ADC
  • Lt. T. G. Lee, ADC
  • Cadet N. W. Lee, ADC
  • Cadet Thompson, ADC
  • Surgeon Hunter McGuire (M)

2nd VA (M)

  • Col. J. W. Allen (OR)
  • Co. I – Lt. J. C. Moore (PC, I)

4th VA (M)

  • Col. J. F. Preston
    • Co. H – Pvt. Robert A. Glasgow (PC)
    • Co. E – Pvt. Robert L. Francisco (PC)
    • Co. I
      • “L.V. H.” (PC)
      • Pvt. John H. B. Jones (M)

5th VA

  • Col. K. Harper
    • Maj. William Smith Hanger Baylor (PC, I)
      • “Staunton” (PC)
      • Unknown (PC)
      • Co. G – Capt. Asher Harman (PC, I)
      • Co. L – Capt. James Hurley Waters (OR, PC, I)
        • Pvt. Joab Horace Seely (N1, N2)

27th VA

  • Lt. Col. J. Echols

33rd VA (8 Companies) (M)

  • Col. A. C. Cummings (M1, M2, PC1, PC2)
    • L. Jacquelin Smith, AAG
    • Sgt. Major Randolph Barton (M, PC)
    •  “G” (PC)
      • Co. A – Pvt. John O. Casler (MPC)
      • Co. H
        • 4th Sgt Harrison B. Jones (D)
        • Pvt. Martin Van Buren Kite (PC)
      • Co. I – Pvt. Thomas G. Read (PC)

Rockbridge VA Artillery (4 Guns)

  • Col.W. N. Pendleton (OR)
    • Capt. J. B. Brockenborough
      • Corp. Henry R. Paine (PC)
      • Pvt. Clement Fishburne (PC)

2nd Brigade

Col. Francis Bartow (K)

  • Brig. Gen. S. R. Gist, ADC
  • Col. Shingler, ADC
  • Maj. Stevens, ADC

7th GA

  • Lt. Col. L. J. Gartell
    • Co A – Lt. George Hunter Carmical (I)
    • Co. D
      • Pvt. Robert R. Murray (M)
      • Unknown (M)
    • Co. K – Capt. Charles K. Maddox (PC)

8th GA

  • Lt. Col. W. M. Gardner
    • Unknown (PC)
    • Co. A – Virgil Stewart (M)
    • Co. B
      • P. W. A. (PC)
      • Pvt. James B. Grant (PC)
      • Pvt. E. Starke Law (PC)

9th GA (Not engaged)

  • Col. E. R. Goulding
    • Co. C – Capt. George Hillyer (PC, I)

Wise Artillery (Alburtis’ Battery) (4 Guns)

  • Capt. E. G. Alburtis
    • Lt. John Pelham (PC)

3rd Brigade

Brig. Gen. Barnard E. Bee (K)

Maj. William H. C. Whiting placed in command after the battle (OR)

  • Capt. T. L. Preston, AAAG
    • Brig. Gen. S. R. Gist
    • Maj. R. A. Howard
    • Capt. A. Vander Horst (Gist, Howard, & Vander Horst filed this OR for Bee’s Brigade, but are not listed on any OOB as part of Bee’s staff)

4th AL (M)

  • Col. Egbert J. Jones (MW)
  • Lt. Col. Evander M. Law (W)
  • Maj. Charles L. Scott (W)
  • “Justice” (PC)
  • Unknown (PC)
    • Co. A – Capt. Thomas J. Goldsby (OR)
    • Co. G – Lt. William Mack Robbins (M, I)
    • Co. H – Capt. Robert C. McFarland (PC)

2nd MS

  • Col. W. C. Falkner
    • Co. G – Capt. Hugh R. Miller (PC)

11th MS (Companies A & F)

  • Lt. Col. P. F. Liddell

6th NC (Not Brigaded) (N)

  • Col. Charles. F. Fisher (K, N1, N2,I)
    • Lt. Col. Charles E. Lightfoot
      • An Eye Witness (PC)
      • “Justice” (PC)
      • “Tau” (PC)
        • Co. A – Capt. S. S. Kirkland
          • Pvt. Doctor Z. Hardin (PC)
        • Co. B – Capt. W. K. Parrish
        • Co. C – Capt. William Johnson Freeland (PC)
        • Co. D – Capt. S. McD. Tate
        • Co. E – Capt. Isaac E. Avery
          • Lt. J. A. McPherson (PC)
        • Co. F – Capt. James W. Wilson (Sick) (PC)
          • Lt. R. N. Carter (In command)
        • Co. G – Capt. J. A. Craige
          • Lt. Benjamin Rush Smith (PC)
        • Co. H – Apt. A. A. Mitchell
        • Co. I – Capt. Richard Watt York (PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4)
          • Unknown Private (PC)
        • Co. K. -Capt. J. W. Lea

Staunton Artillery (4 Guns)

  • Capt. J. Imboden (M, OR)

4th Brigade

Brig. Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith (W); Col. Arnold Elzey (OR)

  • Lt. Chentney, AAAG
  • Lt. McDonald, AAQ
  • Col. Buist, ADC
  • Capt. Cunningham, ADC
  • Capt. Hill, ADC
  • Capt. Tupper, ADC
  • Lt. Contee, ADC

1st MD Battalion (M)

  • Lt. Col. G. H. Steuart
  • Unknown Officer (PC)
    • Co. H – Pvt. Winfield Peters (M)

3rd TN

  • Col. J. C. Vaughn
    • Lt. Col. J. J. Reese (PC)
    • Maj. G. W. Morgan
      • Unknown Officer (PC)
      • Co. A – Capt. L. C. May
      • Co. B – Capt. W. Parker
      • Co. C – Capt. E. P. Douglas
      • Co. D – Capt. J. F. Hannah
      • Co. E – Capt. J. A. Mckamy
      • Co. F – Capt. W. C. Morelock
      • Co. G – Capt. H. Dill
      • Co. H – Capt. J. C. Boyd
      • Co. I – Capt. N. J. Lillard
      • Co. K – Capt. G. M. Mathes

10th VA

  • Col. S. B. Gibbons
    •  Co. F – Pvt. Green B. Samuels (PC)
    • Co. H – M. V. B. Kite (PC)
    • Co. K (M)

13th VA (Left at Manassas)

  • Col. A. P. Hill

Newtown Artillery (4 Guns)

  • Capt. George. A. Groves
    • “Justice” (PC)
    • Lt. R. F. Beckham

Not Brigaded

1st VA Cav

  • Col. J.E.B. Stuart (OR)
    • Lt. William Willis Blackford, AAG (PC)
      • Co. C – Pvt. William Z. Mead (PC)
      • Co. L – Pvt. T. W. Colley (M, PC1, PC2, I)

Thomas Artillery (Stanard’s Battery) (4 Guns)

  • Capt. P.B. Stanard
    • “Chew: (PC)

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26 09 2008
A Scythe of Fire « Bull Runnings

[…] good stuff on First Bull Run and an officer’s roster for that battle I’ll use in my Confederate OOB, I found it disappointing on a few levels.  The book builds to its climax at Gettysburg, but then […]


30 11 2008


Being from my home county, Col. S.B. Gibbons and Col. Thomas Jordan have been subjects of biographical sketches that I have written in the past. I’d be happy to share for inclusion in your blog if you are interested.

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30 11 2008
Harry Smeltzer


I plan to write sketches for all regimental commanders in a format similar to Heitman – very neutral and basic. However, comments to those sketches will be enabled for folks to provide additional, more detailed info, So yes, I’d love to have any additional info from you.


4 07 2013
Edward Wenzel


You’ve got a wonderful listing of Order of Battle information and I’d sure like to print it out. But I’m not good with computers. First, how do you print out the pages without having all the links appear? The links are not on the page to start with, so how do you click on them? Also, what are the tiny boxes with the arrows? What are they for? Lastly, I can’t figure out how to access the “how to use” information in the topmost ribbon. Sorry to be such a dummy, but I have no idea how to use your site. It really looks thorough though!




4 07 2013
Harry Smeltzer

Ed, left click on any hyperlinked text to go where it leads. Hyper liked text appears in a slightly different tone, and highlights when you hover your cursor over it. Left clicking on any of the tabs in the header above should take you to the appropriate page. And copying Amy text to a notepad should convert it to plain text. The little arrows that appear in printed text are simply indentation markers.


10 11 2014
Elizabeth Del Greco

IF this the Confederate Order of Battle, then it should be for the Battle of Manassas, not “Bull Run” as the yankees so erroneously called it.


10 11 2014
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks for stopping by.


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