More on that Photo of James McKay Rorty

3 12 2020

L to R, Peter Kelly (Co. J), James McKay Rorty (Co. G), and O’Donoghue (Co. K) as officers of units in the Irish Brigade, post Bull Run and 69th NYSM

Reader (and host of The Significant Word) Jason Cheol Spellman has done a little more legwork on the above photo of John McKay Rorty and friends, all members of the 69th New York State Militia, all captured at First Bull Run.

I attach said legwork right here. I’ll also attach it to this post I made a while back about the photo.

Read more about Rorty’s experience at First Bull Run here.

Read about Rorty later in the war here.

Image: Col. Dwight A. Woodbury, 4th Michigan Infantry

8 11 2020


Colonel Dwight A. Woodbury, 4th Michigan Infantry (Walmart)

Image: Capt. Barton Stone Alexander, Chief Engineer, Tyler’s Division

6 11 2020

Image: Pvt. William J. Hubbard, 18th Virginia Infantry

24 10 2020


Pvt. William J, Hubbard, Co. H, 18th VA Infantry (Post-war image courtesy of Appomattox Court House National Historic Park)

Image: Lt. Col. James Madison Leach, 11th North Carolina Infantry

3 09 2020
Lt. Col. James Madison Leach, 11th North Carolina Infantry, as U. S. Congressman post-war (source)

Image: Col. Charles F. Fisher, 6th North Carolina Infantry

11 08 2020


Col. Charles F. Fisher, 6th N. C. Infantry (Source)


Col. Fisher’s hat worn at First Bull Run, North Carolina Museum of History (Source)

Image: Officers of West Augusta Guards (Later Co. L, 5th Virginia Infantry)

10 08 2020


Seated, left to right: Lt. James Bumgardner, Jr.; Lt. Henry K. Cochran; Lt. Thomas J. Burke; Lt. James H. Waters. Standing, Capt. W. S. H. Baylor (Source)

Image: Lt. Douglas French Forrest, Co. H, 17th Virginia Infantry

24 07 2020


Douglas French Forrest as Paymaster, CS Navy (Source)

Image: Capt. Edward Porter Alexander, Signal Officer, Army of the Potomac

10 07 2020


E. P. Alexander as Colonel (Source)


USMA Cadet E. P. Alexander (Source)


Image: Col. Michael Corcoran, 69th New York State Militia

8 07 2020


Colonel Michael Corcoran, 69th NYSM (Source)


Col. Michael Corcoran, 69th NYSM (Source)