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Click on the highlighted links to find the books and articles listed.  Most are downloadable in pdf fromat.  UPDATE: MSN has killed it’s digitizaiton project, therefore some of these links may be inactive.  I’ll fix them as I find them.  If you have a new link for the dead ones, leave me a note.  Also, if you know of a link I don’t have listed here, let me know.


Annual Reports and Reunions of the Association of Graduates of the USMA

Atlas to the Official Records

Cullum, G. W. Biographical Register of the Officers and Graduates of the USMA at West Point

Vol. I – 1868

Vol. II – 1868

Vol. III – 1879

Dyer, Frederick H. A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion (Union Unit Sketches)

Fox, W. F. Regimental Losses in the American Civil War 1861 – 1865

General Orders of the War Department, Embracing the Term 1861, 1862, & 1863

Heitman, F. B. Historical Register and Dictionary of the U. S. Army

Henry, Guy V. Military Records of Civilian Appointments in the United States Army, Vol. I

Henry, Guy V. Military Records of Civilian Appointments in the United States Army, Vol. II

Moore, Frank (ed.) The Rebellion Record, A Diary of American Events, Second Volume

Phisterer, F. Statistical Record of the Armies of the United States

Powell, W. H. Powell’s Records of Living Officers of the United States Army

Report of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War – Part II

The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies (First Bull Run is Series I, Vol. II)

West Point Atlas of the American Civil War

Campaign Studies

Ballard, T. First Bull Run Staff Ride, Ballard, T.

Barnard, John Gross, The C.S.A. and the Battle of Bull Run – A Letter to an English Friend

Beauregard, G.T. A Commentary on the Campaign and Battle of Manassas 

Fry, J. B. McDowell and Tyler in the Campaign of Bull Run

Johnston, R. M. Bull Run – Its Strategy and Tactics

Patterson, R. A Narrative of the Campaign in the Valley of the Shenandoah in 1861

Smith, G.W. Generals J. E. Johnston and G. T. Beauregard at the Battle of Manassas, July, 1861

Stedman, E.C. The Battle of Bull Run

Unit Histories


Breazeale, B. B. Co. J, 4th South Carolina Infantry at the First Battle of Manassas

Dickert, D. A. History of Kershaw’s Brigade 

Goldsborough, W. W. The Maryland Line in the Confederate Army 1861 – 1865 

Irby, Richard Historical Sketch of the Nottaway Grays, afterwards Company G, Eighteenth Virginia Regiment 

Loehr, C. T. War History of the Old First Virginia Infantry Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia

Wise, G. History of the Seventeenth Virginia Infantry, C.S.A.

Wise, J. C. The Long Arm of Lee


Aldrich, T. M. The History of Battery A., First Regiment Rhode Island Light Artillery

Benedict, G.G. Vermont in the Civil War

Brackett, A.G. History of the United States Cavalry 

Conn, G. P. History of the New Hampshire Surgeons in the War of Rebellion

Curtis, N. M. From Bull Run to Chancellorsville – The Story of the Sixteenth New York Infantry 

Fairchild, C.B. History of the 27th Regiment N. Y. Volunteers 

Fry, Frinkle Wooden Nutmegs: A Humorous Account of the Three Months Connecticut Brigade and the Party They Bore in the National Stampede

Gates, T.B. The “Ulster Guards” [20th N. Y. State Militia] and the War of the Rebellion

Gould, J. M. History of the First-Tenth-Twenty-ninth Maine Regiment

Haynes, M. A. History of the Second Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers: Its Camps, Marches and Battles

Hutchinson, Gustavus B. A Narrative of the Formation and Services of the Eleventh Massachusetts Volunteers

Ingersoll, C.M.  Catalogue of Connecticut Volunteer Organizations

Phisterer, Frederick New York in the War of the Rebellion

Roe, A. S. The Fifth Regiment Massacusetts Volunteer Infantry

Schouler, W. A History of Massachusetts in the Civil War

Stone, E.W. Rhode Island in the Rebellion

Todd, W. The Seventy-Ninth Higlanders New York Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion 1861 – 1865

Waite, O. F. R. (NH Regiments) Claremont War History, April 1861 to April 1865

Waite, O. F.R. New Hampshire in the Great Rebellion

Waite, O.F.R. Vermont in the Great Rebellion

Woodbury, A. The Second Rhode Island Regiment



Baylor, G. (12th VA Cav) Bull Run to Bull Run

Davis, J. The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government Vol. I

Early, J. A. Autobiographical Sketch and Narrative of the War Between the States

Howard, McH. (1st MD) Recollections of a Maryland Soldier and Staff Officer

Hopkins, L.W. (6th VA) From Bull Run to Appomattox – A Boy’s View

Johnston, J.E. Narrative of Military Operations Directed, During the Late War Between the States

Longstreet, J. From Manassas to Appomattox

McKim, R. H. (1st MD) A Soldiers Recollections 

Morgan, W. H. (11th VA) Personal Reminiscences of the War of 1861-65 

Sorrel, G. M. Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer

White, B.F. (6th NC) in Clark’s History of the Several Regiments and Battallions from North Carolina, The Sixth Regiment at Manassas, July 21, 1861


Barrett, Edwin Shepard What I Saw at Bull Run

Clement, Edward Henry The Bull Run Rout

Coffin, C. C. The Boys of ’61

Croty, D. G. (3rd MI) Four Years Campaigning in the Army of the Potomac 

Howard, O.O. Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard 

Keyes, E. D. Fifty Years Observation of Men and Events Civil and Military 

Merrell, W. H. (27th NY) Five Months in Rebeldom; or Notes from the Diary of a Bull Run Prisioner 

Merritt, John G. 1st Minnesota at Bull Run

Metcalf, Lewis Herbert “so Eager Were We All…” 11th New York at Bull Run

Sherman, W. T. Memoirs of General William T. Sherman, Vol. I

Villard, H. Memoirs of Henry Villard, Journalist and Financier, 1835 – 1900 Vol. I


Various, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War Vol. I

Diaries and Letters


Chesnut, M. B. A Diary from Dixie

Jackson, M. A. Life and Letters of General Thomas J. Jackson

Jones, J. B. A Rebel War Clerk’s Diary


Ely, Alfred Diary of Alfred Ely, a Prisoner of War in Richmond 

Lusk, W. T. (79th NY) War Letters of William Thompson Lusk

Wolsey-Bacon & Wolsey-Howland (16th NY) Letters of a Family During the War for the Union 1861-1865


Russel, W. H. My Diary North and South



Cooke, J. E. Stonewall Jackson 

Dabney, R. L. Life and Campaigns of Lieut.-Gen. Thomas J. Jackson 

Davis, V. Jefferson Davis, Ex-President of the Confederate States of America, Vol.II

Jackson, M. A. Memoirs of Stonewall Jackson by His Widow 

Johnson, B. T. A Memoir of the Life and Public Service of Joseph E. Johnston 

Johnson, J. L. The University Memorial Biographical Sketches of Alumni of the University of Virginia Who Fell in the Confederate War 

Riley, E. S. “Stonewall Jackson”: A Thesauras of Anecdotes and Incidents… 

Roman, A. The Military Operations of General Beauregard in the War Between the States 1861 to 1865, Vol. I 

Smith, E.C. Thomas Jonathan Jackson 1824 – 1863: A Sketch 

Snow, W. P. Southern Generals: Who they Are, and What they have Done 

White, H. A. Stonewall Jackson


Bancroft, F. The Life of William H. Seward 

Bowen, J. L. Massachusetts in the War 1861 – 1865 

Cavanagh, M. Memoirs of General Thomas Francis Meagher 

Dellenbaugh, F. S. George Armstrong Custer 

Gould, Edward K. Major-General Hiram G. Berry: His Career as a Contractor, Bank President, Politician and Major-General of Volunteers in the Civil War Together with His War Correspondence Embracing the Period from Bull Run to Chancellorsville

Green, T. M. Historic Families of Kentucky 

Headly, P. C. Massachusetts in the Rebellion 

Kennedy, H. R. John B. Woodward, a Biographical Memoir (13th NY)

Pearson, H. G. James S. Wadsworth of Geneseo

Phisterer, F. New York in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 – 1865 

Poore, B.P. The Life and Public Services of Ambrose E. Burnside 

Powell, William H. Powell’s Records of Living Officers of the United States Army

Reid, W. Ohio in the War: Her Statesmen, Generals and Soldiers, Vol. I 

Riddle, A. G. The Life of Benjamin F.Wade 

Robertson, J. Michigan in the War 

Senour, F. L. R. Major General William T.Sherman and His Campaigns

Slocum, C. E. The Life and Services of Major General Henry Warner Slocum 

Various Harvard Memorial Biographies Vol. I 

Various Harvard Memorial Biographies Vol. II

Warden, R.B. An Account of the Private Life and Public Services of Salmon Portland Chase

General Studies

A Blockaded British Subject Life in the South from the Commencement of the War, Vol II

Bradburn, J. Battle-Fields of the South from Bull Run to Fredericksburgh 

Fieberger, G. J. Campaigns of the American Civil War

Frost, J. B. The Rebellion in the United States; or, The War of 1861

Miller, F. T. The Photographic History of the Civil War, Vol. I The Opening Battles 

Nicolay, J. G. The Outbreak of the Rebellion

Pollard, E. A. The First Year of the War

Riddle, A. G. Recollections of War Times: Reminiscences of Men and Events in Washington 1860-1865

Swinton, W. The Twelve Decisive Battles of the War 

Magazines, Journals

 Fiske, F. S. At the Battle of Bull Run with the Second New Hampshire Regiment 

Glynn, G. Brigadier General Thomas F.Meagher 

Hennessy, J. War Watchers at Bull Run

Johnston, J. E. The Battle of Bull Run

Jones, E.C. Sullivan Ballou: The Macabre Case of an American Civil War Major 

King, K. J. First Battle of Bull Run: The U. S. Marines 

Knoke, K. & Burgess, J. Bull Run Discovered 

Neville, D. M. Henry Kingsbury’s Luck Runs Out

Schreckengost, G.J. 1st Louisiana Special Battalion at the First Battle of Manassas

Schreckengost, G. J. “The Fatal Blunder of the Day”: Artillery Deployment at Bull Run 

Sergent, Mary Elizabeth Classmates Divided

Tidball, E. C. The View from the Top of the Knoll: Capt. John C. Tidball’s Memoir of the First Battle of Bull Run


8th Connecticut

Scott, Henry L. Military Dictionary (1864)

Digital Collections

Internet Archive


Books On Line

Center for Military History

Dickinson College

Digital Public Library of America

Documenting the American South

Find Articles

LOC Chronicling America (Newspapers)

Historic Pittsburgh

Making of America – Cornell

Making of America – Michigan

Newspaper Archives

New York State Newspapers

New York Times

Penn State Pennsylvania Civil War Newspapers

Project Gutenberg


University of Pennsylvania

University of Georgia

Book Searches


Internet Archive

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Hi there … looking for:

Roman, A The Military Operations of General Beauregard in the War Between the States 1816 to 1865, Vol. I

If you have the link for this, I’d greatly appreciate it!!! Thanks so much!


12 10 2008
Harry Smeltzer

Sorry Toni. I haven’t been able to find a link to that yet. If you find one, please let me know.


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24 01 2010

Military Operations of General Beauregard (1884), Volume 2 also on the Internet Archives:


24 01 2010
Harry Smeltzer

Yeah, I know. In fact, I can always find that one easy enough, but Vol. I took awhile. I don’t list Vol. II on here because Bull Run is covered in Vol. I. Thanks for passing it along, though.


24 01 2010

The link to Cullum’s Register at the USMA is dead. I can’t find a new location at the library there, either. IA has a set:

Vol 1 (1868) –
Vol 2 (1868) –
Vol 3 (1879) –


24 01 2010
Harry Smeltzer

Bummer. Lucky for me I downloaded everything for some reason. Thanks for catching that.


25 01 2010
Will Hickox

There’s a book by Josiah Favill, titled “The Diary of a Young Officer” available on google books:

He fought at Bull Run in the 71st New York Militia.


26 01 2010
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks Will. I’ll add that one – it’s a classic.


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