Lieut. Col. Stephen A. Miller, 1st Minnesota Infantry, On the Battle

11 04 2020

Our War Correspondence.
Interesting Letter from Lieut. Col. Miller

We give below extracts from a private letter received by Gov. Ramsey from Lieut Col. Miller dated at Washington, July 25th. He says:

I have just returned from one of the hardest fought and most disastrous battles in our history. Minnesota, with but few exceptions, did her duty well. We took 900 of the regiment into action. We were led like sheep into the carnage – had about 20,000 to 25,000 men on the road, and did not fight more than 15,000 of them at any one time. The enemy had probably 100,000, and all our officers were perfectly ignorant of the locality of the ground, the numbers of the foe, and the position of the numerous masked batteries. So insane an attack by civilized men I never heard of. While our officers generally behaved well, of those under my notice, Captains Wilkin and Pell were specially brave and active. We left upwards of 100 with the baggage. My pistols (state) were stolen out of my holsters, and one of my own I lost on the battle field. My men’s chests, blankets, &c., were thrown away on the route as our panic sticken teamsters fled before the foe. Our soldiers laid their blankets, coats, &c., in a pile just previous to the battle, and have lost the whole of them.

(St. Paul, MN) Weekly Pioneer and Democrat, 8/9/1861

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