#53 – Col. Hiram G. Berry

5 10 2008

Report of Col. Hiram G. Berry, Fourth Maine Infantry

O.R.– SERIES I–VOLUME 2 [S# 2] — CHAPTER IX, pp. 420-421


Clermont, Va., July 26, 1861

SIR:: I have the honor to report to you my regiment now in quarters at this post. The engagement with the enemy on Sunday, and the long march incident thereto, have exhausted my men, and some time must necessarily elapse before the regiment will be fitted for active duties. As near as can be ascertained, the loss in killed in the engagement at Bull Run consists of two commissioned officers, Lieutenant Clark, of Company G (Wiscasset), and Lieutenant Burd, of Company F. Two commissioned officers wounded, Captain Bean and Lieutenant Huxford. Sergeant-Major Chapman killed; twenty-eight privates killed and thirty-three wounded.(*) This indeed has been an unfortunate affair for this regiment.

I herewith hand you report of wants for regiment, in accordance with order so to do. In doing so, I must beg leave to say that my men have no confidence whatever in the kind of arms with which we are now partially supplied. Had they been properly armed, the result of Sunday’s loss would have been somewhat different. It will take some time to bring the regiment up to that state of confidence in the managers of this war that it had prior to last Sunday’s affair. I mention these things for the reason that a commander should know all the facts material to the efficiency of his command.

Truly, your servant,


Colonel Fourth Regiment

Col. O. O. HOWARD,

Commanding Brigade

(*) But see division return, p. 405.



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