Pvt. John Glennon (Glennan), Co. I, 79th New York Infantry, On The Battle

19 06 2020

Fort Corcoran, Arlington Heights,
July 23, 1861.

* * * We had a desperate battle with the enemy on the 21st at Bull’s Run, near Manassas Junction. Our Col. was killed; private Thomas Green shot in the arm with a rifle ball. I was hit with another. It would have killed me but for a button on my pants; it struck the button and glanced off, leaving but a slight wound. That captain and orderly sergeant of our company (I) were killed. There are a great many killed and wounded. Thos. Walker, with the rest of the wounded, have been taken to the Hospital. We had the rebels beaten but for the reinforcements they received. I have not seen Michael Maloney since the battle, but hope he is safe.

John Glennon, 79th Regt.

Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle, 7/29/1861

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Clear Copy at Newspapers.com

Contributed by John Hennessy

79th New York Infantry roster 

John Glennon (Glennan) at Ancestry 

John Glennon (Glennan) at Fold3 



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