Pvt. Albert Pendrell, Co. C, 14th New York State Militia, On the Battle

4 12 2022


Camp Porter, Arlington Heights,
14th Regt., July 23, 1861.

Dear Father, – We are once more at our old camp, where I can sit down quietly and write to you, and let you know some few of the particulars of the great fight we have been in, and through which by the blessing of God I have been spared without a scratch. When we left our camp we marched to Fairfax and took possession of the place without any opposition. We then advanced to within three miles of Centreville and encamped there for three days. We then took up our march for Bull’s Run, and we had scarcely reached there when our artillery commenced firing upon the enemy’s battery. We were then ordered upon the field in double quick time; the enemy’s batteries were almost silenced, when our artillery ran out of ball and retreated. Then we were ordered to charge upon the entrenchments, and nobly did our brave fellows do it. We had scarcely reached the top of the hill, when we received a murderous fire of shell and musketry; one shell came into our company, taking off the head of Brown[*] (one of the new recruits) and killing three of the old members. Our Colonel was also wounded and taken prisoner, and our flag bearer was wounded badly; he called out to the 14th, “Risk your flag!” and rushing in front of the enemy and within twenty feet of them, planted the flag; but no sooner had he done this, than he was shot in the leg and fell over, but still he held on to the colors. After awhile the enemy got our colors, when we made one more charge and regained them; we then retreated, bearing our flag with us. It is supposed the enemy had eight thousand men in the entrenchments we stormed, and the cars arrived, giving them a reinforcement of 1500. Being thoroughly fatigued, we could no longer stand against such overwhelming odds, and retreated in pretty good order to Arlington. We are expecting an attack every night. Let them come; we are ready, and will give them a warm reception. * * * * * *

Your affectionate son,
Albert Pendrell.

Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle, 7/25/1861

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Contributed by John Hennessy

*Pvt. Augustus T. Brown, Co. C

Albert Pendrell at Ancestry.com

Albert Pendrell at Fold3



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