Van Pelt House

24 04 2015

Hennessy on the Legacies of the Civil War

16 03 2015

Good stuff and important to view – John Hennessy this weekend at the Longwood University Civil War Seminar. Check it out here. Yes, like the issue of slavery in the past, there are issues today that have advocates on either side and which, 150 years from now, will be settled, with a right and correct view agreed upon.

I think all of us hope, as we sit here today, and ponder our grandchildren and great-grandchildren thinking back upon us and saying ‘Hunh?’, that they don’t interpret the issues that have permeated our lifetimes, and with which we have struggled as a society, as a testament on us as individuals, but rather as a testament on our times. And times change.



Manassas NBP Superintendent Jon G. James

25 04 2014

National Park Proposed

29 01 2014

Damage to Burnside Bridge at Antietam NBP

17 01 2014

November 23, 1963

23 11 2013


Inside the Stone House

8 11 2013

Check out the hat on little Brando in the corner. “What are you rebelling against, Johnny?”


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