I’m happy to review any Civil War books and related products (DVDs, CDs) on Bull Runnings.  Due to time constraints, I can’t guarantee a full review of your book. 

I regularly write informational reviews professionally for a major print magazine, America’s Civil War.  These consist primarily of a description of the books contents and may include an evaluation of sources listed as used by the author as well as evaluations of the premise of the book and the presentation.

I’ve also written full reviews for a couple of print magazines, which require a complete reading of the book or viewing of the product and an analysis of more depth.  I pick and choose these projects carefully, as they require a more significant investment of my time.

I don’t charge a fee to write reviews on Bull Runnings.  At the very least, I’ll write an informational review of the book upon receipt.  A full review may follow at a later date.

I can’t guarantee a favorable informational or full review of your book or product.  I call ’em as I see ’em.

Also, in accordance with a recent FTC ruling, the review will note that I received the book gratis.  Of course, I also review books I have purchased on my own, and those will contain no such disclaimer.

If you’re interested in either of the above, you can contact me at hjs21 at comcast dot net.

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8 10 2009
Nick Kurtz

I think I might steal this for my blog. I guess we all might need to be more careful with this FTC ruling


23 01 2011
David Edward Wall

Hello Mr. Smeltzer,
I have written a book titled “Always In The Middle Of The Battle.” It is about my grandfathers battery 1st illinois volunteer Light Artillery Battery D, and his adventures after the war.
The book follows Grant’s campaigns from Fort Donalson to Chattanooga, then The Atlanta Campaign from Kennesaw Mountain to Lovejoy Station. This battery was central to the Battle of Atlanta, and is shown in the Atlanta Cyclorama.
During the seige of Vicksburg members of the battery went into the crater caused by the explosion in Logans Approach under the Confederate fort Hill, otherwise known as the 3rd Louisiana Redan. They had carried cannon balls and lit the fuses and threw them by hand over the crater lip hoping to achieve some relief for Federal troops. thirteen went into the crater, two came back whole. many died. Joel Boszar was the last man killed at vicksburg by enemy action. He was viewing the surrender negotiations while the battlefield was under a flag of truce. A Confederate sharpshooter shot him dead. There were no shots fired after that one.
I would be pleased if you would briefly review the book. If you choose to review it,what would be my next step?

Thank you for your consideration
David Edward Wall


23 01 2011
Harry Smeltzer


See the last sentence of my post above.


3 01 2012
A Note To Authors « Bull Runnings



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