Corp. David A. Bower(s), Co. B, 14th New York State Militia, On the Battle

5 12 2022


Copy of a letter from a Corporal in Co. B, 14th regiments of Brooklyn to his parents:

Camp Porter, July 23, 1861.

I must write and let you know that I was not killed in the battle. We fought on Sunday afternoon. Our Colonel is wounded, and a corporal of our company killed. I waw him when his arm was broken by a ball, and he was coming on with us as fast as he could, but when the rebels cut off, or tried to cut off, our retreat at Centreville, a cannon ball took his head off. It was a sad day for our Union army. We were marched about fifteen miles Sunday morning, and as soon as we halted we were made to go straight into the battle, every one of us, whereas the enemy had reinforcements coming up all the time, and we had no reserved to fight them. It is only God’s protection that saved my life. I saw my comrades drop around me, and still I charged up with the last of them until we were obliged to retreat. How I had strength to walk fifty miles without any rest is a wonder to myself when I think of it. I am almost sick; it will be a wonder if I am not very sick. I have not strength enough to write more.

Your affectionate son,
David A. Bower.

Brooklyn (NY) Daily Eagle, 7/25/1861

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Contributed by John Hennessy

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