2nd Rhode Island Photos

19 07 2016

John Banks has found some amazing photos of members of the 2nd Rhode Island before First Bull Run. These include great shots of the Rhode Islanders unique overall or night-shirt style uniforms.

The soldier identifications have been expanded on John’s site – visit it here. And here is a link to the Providence Public Library piece on the discovery of the photos.

Below are the photos. They are fantastic.










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22 07 2016
Kevin T. Lonergan

Fabulous clarity! I always enjoyed Elisha Hunt Rhodes book, All for the Union. Perhaps these can be added someday in a later edition. Kudos to Librarian in Providence!

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1 08 2016
Chris Evans

Wonderful photos. Just peering into time like that. Excellent look at the uniforms and the people.


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9 08 2016

These photos are fabulous..Never saw them before. The smiling soldier throws you off a bit since rarely do you ever see people smiling….it makes the photo come alive unlike some other period photos..Thanks for sharing

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12 08 2016
2nd Rhode Island Photos – High Res! | Bull Runnings

[…] John Banks has acquired high resolution copies of the images of Rhode Island soldiers I posted here. These amazing images (including some smiling soldiers!) are courtesy of Kate Wells in the Special […]


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