Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War

Report of the Committee


McDowell’s Army

Patterson’s Army

Rebel Barbarities

Report of the Committee


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26 07 2008
Griffin’s JCCW Testimony « Bull Runnings

[…] write up a little sketch of the committee, its members and its mission, and will copy it to the new page I’ve set up as an index to testimonies I post here.  Some good stuff in Griffin’s testimony – […]


5 11 2009
Irvin McDowell in America’s Civil War Magazine « Bull Runnings

[…] the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War and in the Committee’s report (find it all here).  “What?”, you ask, “Are you saying Johnston’s arrival did not spell […]


28 05 2023
Western Pennsylvania Civil War Roundtable, 5/17/2023 | Bull Runnings

[…] of the War’s hearings on “Rebel Barbarities.” You can find those testimonies here, toward the bottom of the page. Chasing down the details of the witnesses and individuals mentioned […]


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