Newspaper Accounts – USA

Northern Press Reaction to Beauregard’s Proclamation

George Palmer Putnam, Publisher, On the Retreat, With Incidents of the Battle



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18 04 2021
Timothy Michael Antosy

Hi Harry. Thanks so much for your work. My distant cousin was Joseph Crain Audenried. I see you do mention him in your story about Bull Run1. My question is this. Although Joseph eventually does become General Sherman’s trusted Aide-De-Camp. I have read he actually met General Sherman at that battle. But the way you wrote it it sounds like they had known each other for a long time. Just wondering what the real story is. Second do you have anymore resources on Joseph Audenried. By googling his name I have learned some information of course but his diaries and other books are very, very expensive. I want to go to the War College in Carlisle and maybe the national archives, can you help me with any of that. Thanks. Tim Antosy


18 04 2021
Harry Smeltzer

Hi Timothy,
I don’t know when the two men met. Audenreid was on Tyler’s staff at BR1, and Sherman was in Tyler’s division. I’m not sure what one of my stories about Bull Run you are referring to…can you refresh my memory?


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