John Lyman Chatfield

25 03 2007

In July 1863, John Chatfield would receive wounds in the assault on Battery Wagner from which he would not recover.  At that time he was in command of the 6th CT volunteer infantry.  But on July 21, 1861 he was the colonel of the 3rd CT in Erasmus Keyes’s brigade of Daniel Tyler’s federal division. 

John Lyman Chatfield: born Oxford, CT 9/13/26; journeyman builder, worked as a mechanic for the Waterbury Lumber & Coal Company, and partnered with his brother in the building business; was a captain of the Waterbury City Guard; major, 1st CTVI, 4/23/61; Lt. Col. 5/10/61; Col. 3rd CTVI, 5/31/61; mustered out of volunteers 8/12/61; Col., 6th CTVI, 9/13/61; commanded 1st Brigade, 1st Div., Dept of the South, 4/62 to 7/62; commanded District of Beaufort, SC, 10th Corps, 10/62; wounded right leg at Pocotaligo, SC 10/22/62; wounded left leg and right hand during assault on Fort Wagner, SC, 7/18/63 (the same action which claimed the life of Robert Gould Shaw of the 54th MA); died of his wounds on 8/9/63 in Waterbury, CT; buried in Riverside Cemetery, Waterbury, CT, Section G, Lot #13.  

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 Photos: a & b – Hunt, Colonels in Blue: The New England States; c – Civil War Monuments of Connecticut


Hunt, Colonels in Blue – The New England States, pp 20-21

Chesson, Colonel Chatfield’s Courage, or A Share of “Glory”, 9/24/2006




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24 09 2009
George Cole

Just happened to see your site.

Col. John Lyman Chatfield was my great-great-great uncle.
One fact a relative told me that after his leg wound the doctors wanted to amputate his leg. However he refused which resulted in gangrene which soon killed him.


24 09 2009
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks for stopping by George. Anything you want to pass along about Col. Chatfield – letters, photos, information – is greatly appreciated. Be sure to follow the link to the online article A Share of Glory.


9 06 2016
Louis Brandi

My great great great grandfather was Alfred Howarth, Private in company F of the Sixth Connecticut Regiment. I still have his military photo taken at Hilton Head hanging in my office. He was captured in Virginia in May of 1864 and survived Andersonville.
I doubt anyone here doesn’t have their own copy of the war record of the Old Sixth written by Charles Cadwell but if you don’t have it GET IT! Chatfield’s flanking attack on a confederate battery during a beach landing that kicked off the eventual failed assault on Battery Wagner is the stuff of legend. A brilliant leader of men on the battle field! During that battle he raised the captured flag of a confederate regiment the sixth previously faced at pocotaligo. Chatfield was injured there in October 1862 so that must have been a sweet feeling.

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9 06 2016
Harry Smeltzer

Thanks Louis!


15 09 2011
Jim Stevens Jr

Will be doing a report on Col Chatfield, at my Civil war round table in the near future


15 09 2011
Harry Smeltzer

That’s great, Jim. I hope you’ll share with us anything you turn up!


17 04 2012

i stopped by today to have my lunch at riverside cemetary an saw colonel shaws grave i noticed that his blade was missing from his sword and would like to try to have it replaced being a former Army infantryman(2ND generation) i locked my heels gave a salute and rolled him a cigarette lite it and placed it at his feet im greatful for men like him that fought to preserve the union.


18 04 2012
George Cole


From what I remember, the sword has been replaced at least once before.
Let me know what happens. – George Cole


8 09 2012
Kent A. Chatfield

I am a direct descendant of Colonel Chatfield.
Both of my parents were born and raised in Waterbury, Conn. as were my oldest brother and sister.
My mother took me to Col. Chatfield’s grave and monument when I was six years old.
She informed me of who he was and is.
I shall visit his monument again soon. And pay my respects.
Kent A. Chatfield. Leland, North Carolina.


10 09 2012
George E. Cole

Hello Kent,

JLC was my great great great uncle. Since I live in nearby Plainville, CT, I visit Riverside at least once a year or so. If you need any up to date pictures just let me know.
Also I have worked on the Chatfield family genealogy for over 40 years and have lots of info if you want also. Right now, my genealogy is temporarily not on the computer and I can’t recall if I have you in there – I think I remember JLC having only one son – is that right?
Years ago his uniform and scabbard was on display in the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury but has not been there for years – not sure where it went.
I’d be happy to hear from you.

George Cole
Plainville, CT


19 07 2013
A First Bull Run Connection with Battery Wagner | Bull Runnings

[…] see a link to our little battle in Craig’s post: the name John Chatfield. This is the same John Lyman Chatfield (at left, from Hunt, Colonels in Blue: The New England States) who was the colonel of the 3rd CT […]


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