#124 – Capt. Edgar Whitehead

23 08 2008

Report of Capt. Edgar Whitehead, Radford’s Rangers, of Pursuit July 22

O.R.– SERIES I–VOLUME 2 [S# 2] — CHAPTER IX, p.573

CENTREVILLE, July 28, 1861

SIR: On the morning of the 22d instant I was ordered by General Longstreet to accompany Colonel Terry, of Texas, and pursue the enemy, and find out their exact position. On reaching Centreville we found the main body had fled, and we pursued the stragglers, taking twenty-five or thirty prisoners on the route to Fairfax Court-House, where Colonel Terry shot down the United States flag and placed the stars and bars on the top of the court-house. The large flag sent back by him was intended, we learned, to be put up at Manassas. Another was taken from the Court-House, and the third one, to which you probably refer, was taken from some soldier by Private R. L. Davies, of my company, who had it in a haversack–no doubt to be raised on the first captured battery taken. It had no staff, but was carried carefully wrapped in the haversack.

Very respectfully,


Captain Company E, Radford’s Rangers


Assistant Adjutant-General, Manassas

For particulars in regard to horses, wagons, guns, and ready-made clothing, see Colonel Terry’s note to General Longstreet.(*)

*Not Found



3 responses

7 07 2010
Robert Whitehead

Captain Edgar Whitehead was the Captain of the Amherst Mounted Rangers, not the Radford Rangers.


30 06 2011
Chris wilson

You are correct, Whitehead was Captain of the Amherst Mounted Rangers


7 07 2010
Harry Smeltzer

That’s what I have him listed as in the Cavalry OOB. While the compilers of the OR said he was with Radford’s Rangers is not known to me. The compilers are not always right.


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