Monocacy National Battlefield Visitor’s Center

6 08 2008

Fellow blogger and historical marker hunter Craig Swain chastised me for having no photos of Monocacy National Battlefield in this post about some of the sites I visited in Frederick, Md, in June.  I shot plenty, and decided to present them here in this separate post.

The new visitor’s center at the park is very airy and modern, but I gotta tell ya, the old VC had a lot more charm.  I find the new one a little, umm…, sterile?  Austere?  The first floor houses what you might call a book store, but really it’s all one big room featuring the ranger desk.  The second floor has artifacts and placards arranged in a circular pattern, with an observation deck at the end opposite the entrance.  I don’t know, it just didn’t appeal to me.  I may have been expecting too much after having seen the new Corinth Interpretive Center.  Anyway, here are some photos I took that hot, hot Saturday morning.  Click the thumbs for larger images, click those images for even larger ones.


The entrance sign and the new, barnlike VC – the old VC was in a real barn


The second floor displays, including a room encircling time-line and the frock coat of a New Jersey officer (I think)


A tactile display and Jubal Early’s campaign desk


A cavalry display and an appropriately larger artillery display


Time-line detail and battle map with bells and whistles


General Lew Wallace’s uniform coat and vest and the observation deck


A small closet which the visitor opens to reveal the battleflag of Co F, 17th VA Cavalry, Nighthawk Rangers