Radio Star (Sort Of)

5 08 2008

This afternoon I was interviewed by a fella who is starting up a Civil War variety hour Internet radio show.  It will differ from what Gerry Prokopowicz does with Civil War Talk Radio in that it will feature multiple segments with different guests on different topics, and it won’t be live.  I’ll let you know more as I learn more, but as it stands now my segment will “air”, so to speak, along with one featuring someone who has been called the rock star of Civil War historians.  I guess I’m the counter-balance.

Also, I’m writing this post using the WordPress editor instead of my usual Word editor.  I usually use Word because I can manipulate the font size, but it brings lots of code into the mix which can sometimes screw up other aspects of my posts.  Let me know what you think of the size of this print (keeping in mind you can make it bigger by increasing the text size on your browser: see here).  I’m really just tired of WordPress constantly telling me that any problem I have is because I’m using Word, and that all I need to do is buy the CSS upgrade.  While the upgrade is inexpensive, I would of course have to learn how to use CSS.  Even if you’re not a regular reader, please tell me what you think of this font size.  I need lots of responses to make a decision.

A Few Frederick Civil War Sites

5 08 2008

Earlier in June I took a long weekend that led into the Society of Civil War Historians conference in Philadelphia (read about that here, here, and here).  Prior to the conference I spent some time in Frederick, Md, and made a few Civil War related stops.  On Saturday, I made quick stops at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine and Mount Olivet Cemetery.  Below are some photos I took that day – click them for larger images, click the larger images for huge images.  Enjoy!

Interpretive Placard Near National Museum of Civil War Medicine National Museum of Civil War Medicine National Museum of Civil War Medicine

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Mt. Olivet Cemetery Gatehouse Sign in Mt. Olivet Cemetery

Mt. Olivet Cemetery Gatehouse and Sign

Francis Scott Key Monument, Mt. Olivet Cemetery Key Monument Plaque near Key Monument

Francis Scott Key Monument, Mt. Olivet Cemetery

Memorial to Frederick County Confederates Confederate Unknowns Killed at Monocacy, Mt. Olivet Cemetery Confederate Dead Mt. Olivet Cemetery Confederate Monument, Mt. Olivet

Confederate Markers and Monuments, Mt. Olivet Cemetery

Children's Monument, Mt. Olivet Barbara Fritchie, Mt. Olivet

Children’s Monument and Barbara Fritchie, Mt. Olivet Cemetery