The Civil War Network

8 08 2008

As noted here, on Tuesday I was interviewed for a new Civil War internet radio program.  Francis Rose is the owner and host of the program which will be available at his blog, The Civil War Network.  I see that Paul Taylor was interviewed yesterday – read about that here.  Like Paul, I found the process not altogether unpleasant.  Mr. Rose has been in radio for a long time (though not as long as the guy pictured here, Walter Winchell), and currently works as a producer and anchor in DC.  He’s also an enthusiastic student of the war and a native of York County, PA.

Mostly we talked about the other part of the blog, the digitization of the Battle of First Bull Run.  The first program is set to “air” (you don’t have to be listening at a set time, we’re talking on-demand podcast, I believe) on August 27th, and will feature some hack named Dr. James McPherson and yours truly.  I’ve added a link to Francis’s blog to the right.