4 01 2008


I’m back from a holiday spent on sunny Marco Island, Florida.  All I can say is it didn’t suck, but there were some drawbacks.  I had plans to do some writing while soaking up the rays, but a nasty cold put the kibosh on that.  I was not able to work on a promised letter to the editor, or a Bull Run article for the same magazine, or book reviews for another.  I couldn’t even concentrate well enough to read.  And on top of that, our very expensive resort actually charged a daily fee for internet service!

But I had my trusty Moleskine with me, and I periodically jotted down ideas for the blog in 2008.  My stats show that an increasing number of viewers are logging on to check out the pages to the right – the orders of battle, galleries, etc…  Therefore I will try to be more regular in the posting of biographies, reports and correspondence.  I also plan on adding a few pages, like Medal of Honor recipients’ sketches.

Of course I’m open to your thoughts on what you’d like to see here, so click the comments button and shout it out!