Best of 2007

8 01 2008




Click on comments and have at it.  Be as long-or short-winded as you like.  If we get enough activity, I’ll summarize the “winners”.  If not, I’ll let the whole thing die on the vine.

Let’s have some fun.  This is the time of year that faceless organizations give out their awards for “best of” Civil War stuff.  I thought it would be neat to give you all the opportunity to spout off on what you liked (or disliked, if you must) the most in the year just gone by.  For books, let’s limit it to Civil War era publications from 2007.  Any Civil War themed blog is eligible.  What the heck, let’s throw in DVD’s that were released that concern the era, too.  And while we’re at it, nominate the best CW speaker you heard last year.