New Blog Alert

22 01 2008


Friend Chris Army has a new blog up.  I think it’s called Angel’s Share, but what you’ll see on the marquee is Musings of a bourbon sipping ACW Student, which fits him quite well if you replace sipping with swilling.  You’ll find it here, and in my blogroll to the right.

I think this is going to be a good one.  I’ve known Chris for awhile; he’s one of those Gettysburgaholics, but not a Frassanidiot to the extent of some of his compadres.  He’s published an article in Blue & Gray magazine on the most interesting day of the battle, July 1st.  Chris has a methodical, logical approach to his research, and never allows where he suspects something may lead actually do the leading.

By his latest post, it looks like Chris is trying to figure out what his blog, and blogs in general, should be.  All I can tell you is it should be what you want it to be, and it may take a little while for you to figure out what that is.  But you’re the only one who can do that.  Good luck Chris and good blogging!