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26 11 2022
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26 11 2022



The following special dispatch to the Post was received last night at 10 o’clock from A. Carnegie, Esq., at Alexandria. Victory has perched upon the banners of the Republic:

Alexandria, Sunday night.

The enemy are completely routed at Bull’s Run. The batteries are taken. The victory is overwhelming. The backbone of secession is broken. Richmond is not far from our grasp.



Alexandria, July 22nd.

Editor Post: – My despatch last night was based on a report brought by special messenger, who left the field at 4 p.m. The batteries (at Bull’s Run) were then in our possession and the day ours. Subsequently General Johnston, with twenty thousand men, carried into action, and drove our forces back. They are now arriving here, and will reform and be at the enemy again before long.



Washington, July 23. – T. M. Carnegie – Gen. McDowell beat Gen. Beauregard twice on Sunday, and Gen. Johnston once. It was only when our troops were utterly exhausted, and a fresh army attacked, that they were overpowered.

We really gained three and lost one battle. The less is amply worth all it cost.

On hundred thousand men will leave here soon under Gen. McClellan, to annihilate rebellion. No half work now.

Forty additional regiments were accepted by the War Department yesterday.

The Government is fully aroused, and the entire property of the South will be confiscated if necessary.

The Ellsworth Zouaves, it is said, killed nearly all the celebrated Black Horse Cavalry.

Washington is perfectly safe, and the fortifications are fully manned with fresh troops. The rebels made no demonstration to advance, as their loss fully equals ours.

A. Carnegie

Pittsburgh (PA) Daily Post, 7/22,23,24/1861

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