Pvt. James Wooldridge, Co. E, 11th Virginia Infantry, In the Battle

19 04 2022

An Incident of the Bull’s Run Fight. – The Lynchburg Republican narrates the following:

“During the height of the battle, many of our troops, in their anxiety to get a sure pop at the enemy, left the ranks for that purpose, and advanced some distance in front. One of these, James Wooldridge, of Capt. Blankinship’s company, who was wounded, made for a tree, which would afford him protection, but just as he arrived there, a Lincolnite came up, who disputed the possession of the tree with Wooldridge. The matter was, however, quickly settled, for without any parley, Wooldridge ran his bayonet through the Yankee, killing him instantly. A Federal officer then rode up, who had observed the affair, and while Wooldridge’s bayonet was still in the body of his victim, ordered him to surrender. The proposition, however, did not accord with Wooldridge’s idea, for in an instant his bayonet was withdrawn, when he let the officer have the full benefit of it, and killed him instantly also. Two more Lincolnites were just then rushing upon Wooldridge, but observing the fate of those who had preceded them, immediately turned about, and, taking to their heels as fast as they could, left our hero in possession of the much coveted tree. Wooldridge was subsequently wounded, no doubt in consequence of exposing himself unnecessarily.”

Edgefield (SC) Advertiser, 8/14/1861

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James Woolridge at Ancestry

James Woolridge at Fold3



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