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30 04 2009

This past Tuesday I received an email from reader Jon-Erik Gilot, who sent along an Ohio newspaper article from 1861, recounting a soldier’s experience at Bull Run.  This is an account I’ve never read before, and it includes some pretty cool stuff.  But as it is a little controversial, I want to get some confirmation on the basics.  I’ve forwarded the article to two e-quaintances who are authorities on the regiment in question, and so far things appear to check out.  I’ll post the article as a resource, include the info from the authorities in question as a separate article, and link to that article as notes to the resource.

Thanks to Jon-Erik, who now lives here in Pittsburgh and has done a lot of work on the Upper Ohio Valley in the Civil War.



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1 05 2009
Excellent posts over at Bull Runnings « Cenantua’s Blog

[…] stuff to the study… looks like, with the help of a reader, Harry has some interesting posts (here, here, and here) about Northerners in Wheat’s La. Bttn. The matter of the men being impressed […]


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