June 2009 Civil War Times

2 04 2009

cwt609I think it’s official: Civil War Times has retaken its place as the preeminent general Civil War history magazine (Blue & Gray is a different animal).  This month’s issue includes three great pieces on Glory, still far and away the best Civil War film ever made: Gary Gallagher’s thoughts on the movie 20 years later; an interview with actor Andre’ (Thomas Searles) Braugher; and an article on Medal of Honor recipient William Carney of the 54th MA.  See here for a clip from the movie.  Looks like the clip has been removed from YouTube.  Sorry.

alAlso in this issue is a fine, scholarly article by Ethan Rafuse on George McClellan’s Whig roots and how they  affected his relationship with Lincoln.  No footnotes, but come on, who really reads the notes in a magazine article?  Stephen Budiansky has an article on the 7th Cavalry during Reconstruction; there’s a bit on the Gettysburg Cyclorama; Ernest Fergurson writes on Lincoln’s sense of humor; and Harold Holzer takes a look at an 1860 full-length photo of the future Emancipator.

Good goin’, CWT!