“Black Confederate” at Bull Run

15 04 2009

dad-brownFar be it for me to not take advantage of the hit bonanza that is Black Confederates.  As a byproduct of his participation in this discussion, reader and Friend of Bull Runnings (FOBR) Robert Moore sends this along:

[In reference to Henry “Dad” Brown of the 8th SC at Bull Run]

“… on the 21st of July ‘61 the regiment was stationed at Mitchels Ford on the South side of Bull Run. The battle began two miles above and at 12 o’clock the regiment was ordered to go where the battle was raging. As soon as the order came Henry began to beat the long roll. This indicated to a battery on the other side of the Run the position of the regiment and the shells began to fall thick and fast. It was some time before the Colonel could stop him but he was beating all the time regardless of the danger. He followed on to the battlefield and was under fire with the others.”

Per Robert: “I found it at the site for the 37th Texas Cavalry. It’s from The Darlington Press, Nov. 1907, not long after he died. Wish I could get my hands on a hard copy for you, but I don’t think that’s possible unless I head to Darlington. Incidentally, I did look up the guy’s service record on footnote.com and it’s legit. He was on the rolls of both the 8th SC and the 21st SC. He is listed as a musician and “colored” on the Field & Staff rolls for the 21st, but neither of the company rolls for the 8th or the 21st say anything about his race. The information just meshes well. A free black who enlisted and stayed in the Confederate army… and stuck with the UCV in years after.”

Photo of “Dad” from the above mentioned site of the 37th Texas Cavalry.

Tax Break

15 04 2009

I apologize for the break in posts – as soon as I get up the courage to hit “send” on Turbo Tax, I’ll finish transcribing an article by John Hennessy which he graciously provided.  It’s pretty long, but I hope to finish it up tonight.