Microsoft Live Search

27 05 2008

Thanks to this post by Eric Wittenberg, I’m aware that Microsoft has given up on its digitization project.  A good many of the digital books I have listed on my First Bull Run Books and Articles On-Line page are part of this project.  For now the links work, but if the project indeed “goes dark”, they’ll be worthless and I’ll have to find alternatives.  As I do, I’ll change the hyperlinks.  If you run across a link that doesn’t work, drop me a note.  If you have an alternative site address, let me know that, too.

Charleston Related Civil War Readings

27 05 2008

One of the most popular posts I’ve made here at Bull Runnings is A Few Charleston Civil War Sites.  I still receive questions and comments on that article, and in an attempt to answer a few of the inquiries I’ve received, I went through my library and pulled out my books relating to the campaign to capture the seat of secessia, AKA the Holy City:

In 1970, E. Milby Burton published The Siege of Charleston, 1861-1865.  This book provides an overview of military activities in the vicinity from the outbreak of the rebellion to the fall of the city.

Patrick Brennan’s Secessionville: Assault on Charleston, was published in 1996 and chronicles events leading up to and following the battle of June 16, 1862.  I’ve used this book and the author’s General’s Tour in Blue & Gray magazine to tour James Island.

Written by Stephen R.Wise and published in 1994, Gate of Hell: Campaign for Charleston Harbor, 1863 covers the activities around the city, including Battery Wagner and James Island, during the summer of 1863.

Siege Train: The Journal of a Confederate Artilleryman in the Defense of Charleston, edited by Warren Ripley and published in 1986, is the wartime diary of Confederate Major Edward Manigault.  Manigault is a pretty big name in Charleston.

The Civil War at Charleston is a collection of Charleston Evening Post and Charleston News and Courier articles published during the Civil War Centennial from 1960-1965.  The articles were written by Warren Ripley and Arthur M. Wilcox.

Charleston at War: The Photographic Record 1860-1865, is a Frassanito-like then-and-now photo book by Jack Thomson put out by Thomas Publications in 2000.  Very handy, if not very cool, to take along when touring the town, as is Confederate Charleston: An Illustrated History of the City and the People during the Civil War, by Robert N. Rosen (1994).

For what it’s worth, that’s what I have in my library for Charleston (excluding books on the outbreak of the war).