Black Horse Cavalry: Defend Our Beloved Country

5 05 2008

Defend Our Beloved CountryI received my autographed, limited edition (650/999) of Black Horse Cavalry: Defend Our Beloved Country by Lewis Marshall Helm a couple of weeks ago.  You’ll recall from my earlier posts here and here that I ordered this book from Don Hackenson’s website in large part because it contains a passage credited to Brigadier General William Payne regarding the meaning of the name Black Horse Cavalry.  I was happy to find that the book is footnoted (though very unevenly) and that the citation for the passage in question is indeed a March 29, 1903 article in the Richmond News.  If you have access to Richmond News archives and can get me a copy of the article, I’ll reimburse your expenses (copying and postage).

By the way, I’ve seen this book listed from various sources for as much as $75.  Don’s site has the book for sale at its original price.  It’s a hard cover book with dust jacket, 302 pages including a roster, with lots of illustrations.  Mr. Helm is a descendant of several members of the troop, and I have reservations about unit histories and biographies written by descendants in general, but if you’re one of those folks who just has to have every Confederate regimental, drop Don a note.