Coming Up

18 09 2007


I’m posting these few things mostly as a reminder to myself.  Over the next few days, here’s what will be happening at Bull Runnings:

I’ll post a recap of Ethan Rafuse’s talk on McClellan at Antietam tomorrow;

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Ken Noe essay in Civil War History I discussed here.  I think I’ve kinda sorta figured out what I want to say.  This has caused much consternation, and I don’t want to post something just because I said I would.  I’ll get it done, but I want to do it right.  I’ll discuss the other two essays by Carol Reardon and George Rable after that;

I’m going to change the way the pages work for the ORs.  On this blog, I can write Posts or Pages.  Posts show up here chronologically.  Pages are listed over to the right.  As there are more than 100 ORs for Bull Run, not to mention the correspondence I intend to put up here, the sidebar is gonna get mighty crowded so I think it’s best to enter all of them as posts and link to the posts via a page.  Over to the right then you will only see summary pages for the ORs, which will then have links to all the ORs that appeared as posts.  So, I’ll have to post those ORs I’ve already written as pages.  I haven’t decided yet whether I should do this all at once or gradually.  But things should be cleaner this way;

I have a speaking engagement at the Rufus Barringer Civil War Roundtable in Pinehurst, NC this Thursday, Sept. 20.  On Friday, my friend Teej Smith will take me to the research libraries at Duke and UNC, and I’ll fly back home on Saturday.  I’ll have a summary of the trip up by next Monday.



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