In Print is In Print, No Matter How Fine the Print

10 09 2007

acw1108.jpgI received an email and a phone call from friends over the weekend to let me know that the November issue of America’s Civil War magazine is out, and I grace its pages once again.  It’s a little different this time, and if I hadn’t asked my buddies to be on the lookout for my name, they undoubtedly would have missed it altogether.




Earlier this summer, editor Dana Shoaf asked if I would consider being a contributing writer for the magazine in addition to sharing Reviews in Brief duties.  As a contributing writer, I’m expected to write three pieces for the magazine each year, and to discuss random topics with the editor from time to time.  I’m to write Reviews in Brief for new releases in capsule form, not as detailed or as critical as the full blown reviews.  Each column will typically cover three to five books.

A few very cool things attach to this offer, which I eagerly accepted: I get free books; I get paid to write the reviews; the reviews count toward my three-piece commitment; and I get listed in the masthead of each issue as a Contributing Writer.  Not bad.  And as you can see from the list, I’m in some pretty good company.

As we talked about here, Dana has moved on to take the helm of Civil War Times Illustrated (sorry, I’m set in my ways and haven’t dropped Illustrated from the title).  I’m now working with Tobin Beck at America’s Civil War.  Tobin seems pretty cool so far based on emails.  No, he is not named for the author of Tobin’s Spirit Guide made famous in the film Ghostbusters.  I asked.

I’m going to do my best to write at least three more posts this week.  Not because I feel compelled to write something for the sake of writing something (I think you readers are smart enough to tell when we bloggers do that), but because there are some things I’ve promised to write which I haven’t got around to writing. 

Also, a couple of comments seem to have slipped past the email notification I usually get from WordPress each time a new comment gets posted.  I think I have found and replied to any that begged a reply.