12 09 2007


I promise to post a biographical sketch of one of the real heroes, if not THE hero, of the Confederacy at Fist Bull Run, Colonel Nathan G. Evans.  This will be the first sketch of a Confederate posted to this site.  I think that we’ve been taking enough about Evans’ OR that it’s high time I posted that, and if you haven’t discerned the pattern yet, I pair the ORs with the sketches.

I’m also going to set up a page with links to the biographical sketches I have posted.

On a related note, I sent an email to Art Bergeron at the U. S. Army Heritage & Education Center (formerly the U. S. Army Military History Institute USAMHI) regarding any capture of flags by Wheat’s Battalion at Bull Run (see this post).  Art is an authority on Louisiana in the Civil War.  He was on the road when he responded to my email, and promised to look into the issue when he gets back to his materials.