Some Stuff I’m Working On

19 01 2007

I’m a little tied up putting the finishing touches on a PowerPoint presentation for a continuing ed class I’m teaching tomorrow.  I have some posts in the pipeline and will get to them after the weekend (or maybe on Sunday).  These include: a look at the color red and the confusion it has caused in accounts of the First Battle of Bull Run; some annoying devices employed by the author of the Tidball biography; a hat tip to USAMHI; and a just purchased new book that covers the outbreak of the war.

More on the Army of Northeastern Virginia

19 01 2007

In response to my post about the origin of the name Army of Northeastern Virginia, blogger David Woodbury commented:

It’s not much, but when A. Porter submitted Ambrose Burnside’s report, he refers to Burnside’s command as the Second Brigade, Second Division, Army of Northeastern Virginia. Series I, vol. 2, p. 395.

After a quick check of the OR’s, I responded:

As for the report of Porter: that’s Andrew Porter, First Brigade commander of Hunter’s Division who took over command of the division when Hunter was wounded. He does mention the name of the army, but this cover letter to Burnside’s report was not written until August 19, while Burnside’s report itself was sent from Hdqrs. Second Brigade, Second Division, Major [!!!] General McDowell’s Column and dated July 24. Porter’s own report on page 383 refers to the First Brigade, Second Division, of the Army. It was written on July 25. If anything, this probably supports the ex post facto origins of the Army of Northeastern Virginia.

David’s post last year about McDowell’s misspelled headstone played some role in feeding my interest in First Bull Run.  Thanks for that, David, and thanks for taking the time to comment here.