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19 01 2007

I’m a little tied up putting the finishing touches on a PowerPoint presentation for a continuing ed class I’m teaching tomorrow.  I have some posts in the pipeline and will get to them after the weekend (or maybe on Sunday).  These include: a look at the color red and the confusion it has caused in accounts of the First Battle of Bull Run; some annoying devices employed by the author of the Tidball biography; a hat tip to USAMHI; and a just purchased new book that covers the outbreak of the war.



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19 01 2007
Drew W.

I don’t have it, so I’ve been waiting for someone to write something about Lankford’s new book. Marvel’s effort was too scattershot in its approach, IMO. I’ll be interested in your thoughts.


19 01 2007
Drew W.

For some reason, all the wordpress blogs cause my Netscape browser to hang and become unresponsive. Annoying to say the least. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem…


19 01 2007
Steve Basic


Was gonna send you an e-mail about the new Lankford book, as I just saw it in the bookstores here earlier this week. Knew it would be of some interest to you, and should have known you already knew about it. :)

Hope all is well.

Regards from the Garden State,



20 01 2007
Mike Peters


I’m interested in “the color red and the confusion it has caused in accounts of the First Battle of Bull Run.” Please keep me in the loop.




21 01 2007
Harry Smeltzer


I can’t promise when I’ll actually read the book, but I’ll probably be commenting on its notes and bibliography.

I’m not aware of anyone else having problems with the site in Netscape.


In fact, I hadn’t heard any buzz on this book at all. I was in B&N, had a gift card in my wallet, and the rest is history…


I figured you’d be interested in that.


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