You See? You See? Your Stupid Minds! Stupid! Stupid!

6 01 2007

eros.jpgI have to admit I’m making scant progress with the ins and outs of web design and databases.  It’s all due to limitations of time, experience, and probably intellect (thus my borrowing from Eros [Dudley Manlove] of Ed Wood’s classic Plan 9 from Outer Space).  Family, work, writing, this blog and my stupid mind have all conspired to hamper my Bull Run research and data compilation.  So, taking a hint from friend Brian Downey, I’ve determined to put up here some of the BR1 stuff I was saving for my site, in a kind of test format.  Over to the right on this page, in the sidebar, you’ll find a section titled “Pages”.  Right now there are only two entries there, Squinting?, which gives some tips on how to make the text on this page a little larger, and Union Order of Battle.

The order of battle (OOB) is the starting point for all my BR1 data, so it’s appropriate that this is the first bit I’m making available here.  Right now it lists all Union personnel from army command down to regimental and battery command, including staff.  I’m going to try some other things with it in the days and weeks ahead, add notes, maybe some photos, so check back.  I have a Confederate OOB and will post it, too.  There are some glitches in copying a Word document into html on WordPress so give me some time.

As always, if you see any glaring errors or have any questions or suggestions, please use the comments feature.