“Trion,” Holmes’s Brigade, On the Battle

14 09 2020

From the Richmond Dispatch.

Holmes’ Brigade.

Richmond, Va., Aug. 9, 1861.

To the Editors of the Dispatch: – In all the accounts of the battle at Bull Run, I see in no place where Holmes’ Brigade is mentioned, and it is to do that gallant band justice that I now trouble you. – Holmes’ Brigade was stationed at Aquia Creek before the battle, it is now, though there has been some addition to it since then. On the 18th, before the memorable 21st, they were ordered to Manassas, arriving there Saturday, perfectly broken down, after a very fatiguing march, having had very little to eat, and very little sleep. On the next day they were awakened by the booming of cannon, and were soon ordered to fall in. They then stood there on their arms, expecting every moment to be ordered into the field, until 1 o’clock, when they marched in double-quick from the extreme right wig of the army to the left wing, a distance of eight miles. Though the enemy fired into their ranks a great part of the way, they pushed on unflinchingly. – After they arrived on the battle-field, Walker’s Battery, of the brigade, opened fire upon the enemy, doing great havoc in their ranks, causing a panic, and finally the grand rout. The firing was so fine that Gen. Beauregard inquired the name of the young man who fired the first shot, and complimented him publicly. Their cavalry also did their duty, killing a great many of the enemy, and taking a great many prisoners and canon.


The (Wilmington, NC) Daily Journal, 8/17/1861

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