Capt. William L. Scott, Co. M, 11th North Carolina Infantry, On the Pursuit

1 09 2020

A letter from Capt. Scott of Greensboro, to his brother, is published in the Patriot. At the close, after stating that his company joined in the pursuit at Manassas, he says, –

“We had the pleasure of running the yankees, and of hallooing and shouting at them, cheering them on their way. We also overtook and captured several live privates. They scattered al sorts of things along their way and destroyed all they could. All along the road were crackers, blankets, knapsacks, guns, cards, books, clothing, &c. We got supper last night about one o’clock. The Federalists fought bravely. No man need say now that they will not fight. They fought like tigers. I have no ink – I write on my knee in the rain, in my entrenchment. We have no tents. I have been sleeping on the ground, in the rain, and nothing over me but a blanket and the sky.”

Fayetteville (NC) Semi-Weekly Observer, 8/5/1861

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