Map: From Surveys by an Officer of Beauregard’s Staff

20 03 2020

I came across an original lithograph of this post-war map last week in a shop in Gettysburg. You can find it online, with more info, here. It’s interesting in both what it includes, and what it does not.




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20 03 2020
Theodore P. Savas

Being an expert on the battle, I think the map alonea offers little. Would like to hear your commentary. Thx.

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20 03 2020
Harry Smeltzer

I tend to leave the resources free of too much commentary. These are for researchers to use as they see fit. But I’ll direct you to obvious things such as why is the 1st MN in Burnside’s brigade?


24 03 2020
Steve Reilly

This just re-enforced what I learn, on your Walking in the Foot Steps of my family Regiment, the 69th New York. They were posted on the Bull Run Winery, what more can you ask of a war.

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