Tour Update 3/13/2016 Part 2

13 03 2016

OK folks, I have to cut this off now. We have over 80 people who have said they are coming on the tour. Remember this is a caravan tour, and we must carpool. If you have a van, great! If you have a two-seater, not so great (that includes pickup trucks with no back seat). Clean your vehicles out! Oh, and if you think when I say you must car pool that I don’t mean you, I do mean you. Especially you!

Here’s an updated list. If you are on this list and your plans change, let me know so I can take you off. If you’re on this list twice, let me know so I can correct it – you’re taking up two spots. (I have taken anyone who failed to give me a first and last name off the list.) Remember to check back often – any handouts will be posted here for downloading. We won’t be passing them out at the tour, you need to bring them. All part of a free event. Here’s an updated list:

1 Anderson, James
2 Anderson, Roy
3 Backus, Page Gibbons
4 Banks, John
5 Baumgarten, Ron
6 Bednarek, Kat Zalewski
7 Bellefeuille, Scott
8 Biggs, Jeff
9 Booker, Bob
10 Brace, Kim
11 Brand, Gary
12 Burden, Jeffry
13 Carson, Dan
14 Ciasullo, Ron
15 Conroy, Dianne Fox
16 Cummings, John
17 Cunard, Jan Hyland
18 Dennis, James
20 Dittoe, Tom + 1
21 Errett, Paul
22 Fuller, John
23 Franklin, Albert
24 Gottert, Mike
25 Gottfried, Linda
27 Greer, Jackie + 1
28 Greevy, Jay
29 Gueverra, Mark
30 Hall, Clark B.
31 Harper, Joseph
32 Hennessy, John
33 Hamann, Carlos
34 Herring, Rod
35 Johnson, Brad
37 Kaptek, Rob + 1
38 Kathman, Debra
39 Keating, Stephen
40 Kenepp, D. Scott
41 Killian, Aaron
42 Lafleur, Joe
43 Langbart, David
44 Laudenslager, Sam
46 Leckenby, Dawn + 1
47 Leupold, Tom
48 Lewis, Richard
49 Liebler, Shelly
50 Massey, Jeff
51 McGregor, Douglas
52 McLean, Jim
53 Mcmorrow, Myles
54 Miller, Bruce
55 Mitchell, Brian
56 Mitchell, Celia
57 Morgan, Jim
58 Morton, Patrick
59 Mueller, Benjamin
60 Mueller, Jullian
61 Musick, Mike
62 Nank, Thomas
63 Oakes, Douglas A
64 O’Neil, Keith
65 Orrison, Rob
66 Pawlak, Kevin
67 Pellegrini, Mike
68 Peterson, Ana
69 Peterson, Anne
70 Peterson, Char
71 Peterson, Doug
72 Peterson, Kyle
73 Phillips, Rick
74 Reilly, Steve
75 Rich, Patricia Petersen
76 Rosebrock, Jams
77 Russell, Bill
78 Sagle, William
79 Smeltzer, Harry
80 Smith, Teej
81 Stinchcomb, Earl
82 Swain, Craig
83 Taylor, Paul
84 Tinnon-Massey, Norma
85 Weihs, Kelly
86 Wichtendahl, Kyle Francis
87 Williams, Jim



5 responses

13 03 2016
Meg Groeling

My goodness! What hath God wrought? Huzzah, Harry!

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13 03 2016

I’m no. 23 Jackie Greer. I have a feeling no. 32 Jackie +1 is me too.


13 03 2016
Harry Smeltzer

Jackie, could you check the blog post where folks also indicated their intent to attend and let me know for sure?



20 03 2016
CH Jones

John — Connie Jones here (34 on your list). Unf., I cannot get that weekend off work. I am sorry that I have to miss it. Hope ya’ll video part of it!

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22 03 2016
Harry Smeltzer

I’m planning on videoing the tour stops. But the best laid plans…


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