Upcoming Seminar – 1861: First Blood

17 02 2011

Liberty University will be holding their 15th Annual Civil War Seminar March 25-27. The topics to be discussed are 1861 events, and among the speakers are Ethan Rafuse on First Bull Run and Jim Morgan on Ball’s Bluff. And who knows where John Rambo might show up.  Nobody expects John Rambo.  His chief weapon is surprise and fear.  Err.., his two weapons are surprise, fear, and ruthless efficiency. Umm..his three weapons are surprise, fear, ruthless efficiency and an almost fanatical devotion to high explosives…oh, bugger.

Read more about the seminar – which has nothing at all to do with Rambo or The Spanish Inquisition – as far as I know – here.

And now for a little British humor…



3 responses

17 02 2011
Craig Swain

Maybe Bill Rambo of the Alabama Division will show up, just for kicks.


17 02 2011
David Clark

I’m stuck here in California and am sorry to say I will miss this one. Jim sure knows his stuff, so the Ball’s Bluff portion is bound to be interesting! I wonder how his Bio. of Gen. Stone is coming along?


24 02 2011
Jim Morgan

Re Dave’s question about my in-progress bio of Gen. Stone, I’m afraid it is in limbo until I figure out a way to pull together an extended trip to Egypt so that I can look at the records there of Stone’s 12 years as the Khedive’s chief of staff, 1870-82.

I’ve got a great deal of the research done but obviously can’t proceed without combing through those extensive Egyptian records. I know where they are and what to look for as I’ve established some preliminary contacts with the folks in the relevant archives there. Getting to Egypt, however, especially these days, is a tad problematic.

I don’t expect to be finished with this project any time in the near future but I’m confident that the book will prove to have been worth the wait. Thanks for asking, Dave.



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