From the Archives: Grace Bedell

17 02 2011

Since we’re commemorating Lincoln’s train trip to the inauguration in 1861 and I’ve been too busy to post anything lately, here’s a link to an earlier article on the statues of Lincoln and pen-pal Grace Bedell in Westfield, NY.  Check it out.



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7 01 2020

-Tish never married never had children and Tish relationships were with only women she seemed to prefered women ? Women lived with Tish?Tish made the claim that Lincoln slept with Soldier? What does that say about Tish-motives- reasons behind it ?For Tish & Fox whisper behind abe back ?Did they care What they saying about another ?November 16,1862 Virginia Woodbury Fox wrote in her Diary:” Tish says ,there is a bucktail soldier devoted to the pres (lincoln), drives with him & when Mrs L is not home ,sleeps with him,What Stuff!”Virginia Woodbury Fox married assistant Secr Navy Gustavus V.Fox was related Blair Family.Tish is found to be :The Tish ,Fox Sources ,for the David Derickson Story, was Letitia Hannah McKean daughter mid -level Treasury Dept Clerk and Neice Commodore William Wister McKean.Letitia Hannah McKean was also a near contemporary of Virginia Fox having been born 1820 like Fox ,was closely linked by birth and marriage to many naval officiers, Political figures, and other Notables.(but only 2 women made claim )In any case (supposedly) Virginia Fox diary represents info that was circulating among the highly regarded and established circles of society wartime Washington .D.C.Virginia Fox evidence (rumor) maybe Hearsay,but it needs to stand or fall on its merits,not because it is mere gossip recorded(in diary) by a woman?First of all ,Letitia H McKean death 27 Oct 1896 born 1820.Father Samuel Miles McKean mother Mary Francis King McKean. (siblings)1.)Letitia 1820-1896 2.)Katherine1827-after1880 3.)FrancesM1825-after1880 4.)Mary K1830-after1880 5.)Elizabeth1822-after1880 6,) Harriet 1828-1903 7.)Marcia 1832-1897 (*all daughters never married-never husband-never had children -all were spinsters?)Samuel M McKean parents:Joseph Borden McKean1764-1826 wife Hannah MIles Mckean1764-1845(children Mary1787-1831,catherine1788-1789 Samuel1789-1868D.C.).=Virginia Woodbury Fox husband Gustavas V Fox related Blair Family.(visitors Lincoln WhiteHouse) Francis P Blair Sr. & Gustavus V Fox assit Secr NavyDept. BlairHouse 1651 Pennylvania ave(1836).Montgomery Blair spouse Mary Eliz Woodbury Blair.(1821-1887)Francis P Blair Jr 1821-1875.wife Appoline Alexander Blair 1828-1908.(had7children) 1st Missouri U.S. Reserves Corp Infantry 3 months 1861. = James L Blair 1819 -1853 wife Mary Jesup Blair 1825-1914.(children 4) =Francis P Blair Sr. journalist-newspapers-editor- Washington Globe advisor andrew jackson -later became political ally to pres Andrew Johnson .1868 impeachment -house -of Andrew johnson (fire Edwin Stanton -secretary of War) want replace Stanton with Ulysses S Grant (johnson left office1869)Ulysses S. Grant (born Hiram Ulysses Grant ; April 27, 1822 – July 23, 1885) was an American soldier/general during civil war and politician who served as the 18th president of the United States from 1869 to 1877.


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