Oh, That Ulysses!

12 01 2011

Monday evening saw the airing of U. S. Grant: Warrior on American Experience.  I was sent a copy for review, but since this is an abridgement of an earlier two-part program I couldn’t make time for it.  Regardless, I was watching a football game.  If I get a chance to view it in the coming weeks, I’ll post thoughts here.

Check out this series of videos that will give you new insight into U. S. Grant.  Hat tip to Crossroads.

There’s a fourth one (actually the third in the series) that’s hilarious, but quite ummm…ribald.  If you’re resourceful, you’ll find it.

On the third side of the coin we have this post on Beyond the Crater by guest Bryce Suderow, sure to elicit a different emotion from Grant fans.



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13 01 2011
David Corbett

Dear Bull.,
Re: “American Experience, grant the Warrior,” not one word of Rawlins, his supposed alter ego.


31 03 2011
Greg Taylor

My g-g grandfather was Adjutant in the 2nd. PA Provisional Heavy Artillery and parcipitated in the assault of June 17 on the Confederate lines at Petersburg under the command of Gen. Ledlie. In a letter dated July 4, 1864 he describes the infantry charge this way:

“I believe I am a lucky youth. I suppose – if you only saw what the Rebs have thrown at me for the last 60 days – you would think so too. But on that awful 17th [of] June , [the battlefield] was the hottest place yet. I was so excited, that I knew nothing of the danger. My eyes saw all, in red and flame, but I could not digest it somehow. [The] only thing I knew I was rushing [forward], half carried on by some other power than myself, until I tumbled head and heels in the rebel works, to see the “Johnnies” put through the woods beyond. But I didn’t stay there long, for they rallied and drove us out. But the next time we made them leave, and stay at a respectable distance of some 1000 yards.”

He survived this assault only to be one of 6 officers in his regiment to be captured at the Crater. The 2nd. PA HA “Provisionals” were the first unit into the pit after the mine explosion. The above letter and another one written from the battlefield can be read elsewhere on this blog.
Greg taylor


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