North & South Magazine January 2011

5 01 2011

I picked up this current issue of North & South, to which I don’t subscribe and which I don’t typically purchase, for the editorial and one article.  Editor Keith Poulter has finally seen Harry Crocker’s The Politically Correct Guide to the Civil War and noticed the absurdity of the front cover, which I wrote about here nearly two years ago.  He expands on exactly why the blurb “The Emancipation Proclamation did not free a single slave” is factually incorrect (he calls it a “Crocker you-know-what”).  Poulter’s piece is good stuff, though I disagree with him regarding the author’s and publisher’s intent.  I really don’t believe it was ideologically based.  I think it was more likely financially based – considering their target market, it was intended to sell books.  And I think on that basis it was not a bad idea.  I’m sure there were a lot of folks out there who read that and thought “this is for me.”  And if they thought that, they were right: it is for them.

Also in this issue is an article by George C. Rable, Gott Mit Uns, with the following description: In the aftermath of First Bull Run, each side offered religious explanations for the outcome.  I suspect this is an excerpt from Rable’s most recent book, God’s Almost Chosen Peoples: A Religious History of the American Civil War.  And a long while back, I implied I would look into an essay of Rable’s in Civil War History in which he “uses First Bull Run as a backdrop for his discussion of the role of religion on the battlefield”, but I never got around to it.  Maybe I’ll read the two together and comment in the future.  Then again, maybe I won’t.

Here’s a really interesting tidbit from this most recent edition: in each issue there is a section called “Do You Know”, and there is one “teaser” question to which readers may submit answers to win a prize, typically a book.  There were no correct answers submitted for the prior issue’s question, “Did the Confederate government ban the export of cotton?”  The correct answer was “No.”  A “yes/no” question had no correct answers submitted?  What the…?



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5 01 2011
Joe Reinhart

I am a subscriber to N&S and read the article “Gott Mit Uns.” which I liked. However, I am puzzled somewhat by the title. Not a word abpout German Americans in the article. This disappointed me..


6 01 2011
Rick Allen

Well, it didnt work on Wehrmact belt buckles either…………..


25 08 2011
Javier Garcia Cano

I have found your opinion in Internet while looking for back issues of North & South Magazine and it has been an absolute surprise to see the date, January 2011. I thought the magazine has died three years ago!! Well, I did not find the web of the magazine and today it looks that if you are not on the net, you do not exits. So please, ebay apart, do you know how to get back issues of North and South magazine or a web or email address to ask for them?


25 08 2011
Harry Smeltzer

I don’t have a current issue handy, but if any of you readers do, can you help Javier out?


26 08 2011
Ethan S. Rafuse

If you pick up a copy of the current issue at Barnes & Noble, I am pretty sure information on acquiring back issues is in there somewhere. Right now, I am awaiting my contributor’s copy for the issue with the roundtable on Confederate strategy, otherwise I would be more certain on this.

I think the magazine did nearly die about two years ago, but Keith Poulter managed to pull it back from the abyss. That he has managed to keep it going and of good enough quality to have George Rable contributing is a good sign.


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