Why Bory Wanted that Flag

21 12 2010

Stuart Salling over at Louisiana in the Civil War has this interesting article on what compelled P. G. T. Beauregard to adopt the Rebel battle flag.  Check it out.  I’ll try to find the original Richmond Daily Dispatch article and put it in the resources section.

Photo courtesy of Craig Swain.



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22 12 2010
Craig Swain

I think there is also a connection between Beauregard, Laura Ratcliffe, and the flag. But I’m not familiar with all the details (after all the story does not involve any cannons, so it is just background noise to me). Chuck Mauro may have covered it in his recent book on Ratcliffe.


26 12 2010
Harry Smeltzer

Hmmm…haven’t seen that book yet.


22 12 2010
Dick Stanley

Interesting to me that Beauregard pinned it on the 7th Louisiana–though even after reading it I still don’t understand how he got from the one to the other.

The 7th La. was the leading regiment of Early’s column. The 13th Mississippi was behind it in second place, and the 7th Virginia was bringing up the rear.


25 12 2010
6 01 2011

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