In the Works

6 12 2010

Lots of stuff going on around here, but I’m way to busy to get to everything for a little while.  I’m teaching a class tomorrow and trying to get the PowerPoint done.  Then of course all day tomorrow will be taken up with that and winding down from same.  Then I have my next Collateral Damage to finish up – my editor was kind enough to give me an extension.  Hint: this story ties-in directly to the focus of Bull Runnings while at the same time being something of a departure for the column.  I received the paperwork for my Civil War Institute tour and need to figure and fill that out.  And of course (real) work has picked up just when I least expected it.  Once that’s all out of the way – or at least put in better order – I’ll have for you:

  • a new author interview – the longest one yet!
  • a preview/review of an upcoming PBS documentary on a Civil War personality
  • a preview of the new issue of Civil War Times
  • tentatively, an interview with two authors who have written a new Lincoln Book from a Different Point of View (thank you, Jimmy Buffett).  This book will challenge me, as I scored much higher in verbal than math on my SAT.  That’ll make more sense later.

Just let me get through this week and we should be good to go.