More on Armstrong’s Antietam Tour

16 10 2008

Steve Mynes over at Civil War Battles and Battlefields has written a detailed account of the recent SHAF tour of Antietam with Vince Armstrong (I briefly described it here).  Check it out.  I’ve also added Steve to the blogroll at right.  It was nice meeting you, Steve, and thanks for loaning me your Trailhead Graphics map for the morning tour when I absentmindedly left mine in the car.



One response

19 10 2008
Steven Mynes

Hi Harry,

Nice to meet you as well – always happy to help a fellow map enthusiast. Thanks for the link (I wondered where all the traffic came from!). I will be posting a piece on the afternoon portion of the tour shortly.

I have added your blog to my blog list and look forward to learning more about your Bull Run project. With a new First Bull Run battlefield atlas on the horizon, my Spring travel itinerary will definitely include a few trips there.

Best Regards,

Civil War Battles and Battlefields


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