#54 – Col. Mark H. Dunnell

6 10 2008

Report of Col. Mark H. Dunnell, Fifth Maine Infantry

O.R.– SERIES I–VOLUME 2 [S# 2] — CHAPTER IX, p. 421

ALEXANDRIA, VA., July 26, 1861

SIR: The Fifth Regiment of Maine Volunteers is now in quarters in this city. It came to this place with the rest of your brigade on Monday. The other reports which have been called for, and the condition of the regiment, have not allowed me time to report the action of the regiment on the field July 21, and as you were an eye-witness of its action, I have not deemed it necessary to make so great haste in the preparation of this report. I deem it due to many of the officers of my regiment to make a report.

The rapid movement of our men for many miles before the commencement of the action completely unfitted them for the labor of the action. None but an immediate eye-witness can fully realize the real sufferings of the men during the march. The best, stoutest, and bravest men failed, and fell by the roadside. The colonel, major, and surgeon were on the field, and took part in the action by a discharge of their respective duties. Captain Scammon, Company H; Captain Thompson, Company D; Captain Thomas, Company G; Captain Sherwood, Company F; Captain Goodwin, Company B, and Captain Heald, Company A, were each with their respective companies, and with marked courage and self-possession discharged their duties. Captain Noyes was under arrest. Captain Tobie was absent on furlough, and Captain Sawyer and Captain Edwards were absent by reason of exhaustion caused by the march. Lieutenant Barrows, of Company C; Lieutenant Buckman, of Company K; Lieutenant Walker, of Company G; Lieutenant Munson, of Company H; Lieutenant Sawyer, of Company G; Lieutenant Walker, of Company F, and Lieutenant Millett, of Company A, were the only lieutenants in their companies at the time of the action, and these officers deserve much praise for the heroic manner in which they met duty. Company B was fully officered at the time of the action. Captain Goodwin and Lieutenants Stevens and Pillsbury were all present, and it is to be reported that not one of Company B was killed or mortally wounded. Captain Sherwood was badly wounded in the left arm by a musket ball. Lieutenant Kenniston, Company D, was wounded and then taken prisoner. Dr. Buxton, surgeon, and hospital stewards were taken by the enemy.

The officers and privates of the regiment are in great need of rest, and, when fully recruited, will, I doubt not, be ready to meet any of the demands which may be made upon their endurance or their courage.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel Fifth Regiment Maine V. M.

Col. O. O. HOWARD,

Commanding Third Brigade, Third Divisions