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8 11 2007


As mentioned here, I’ve accumulated a few books over the past few weeks.  Twenty-nine, to be exact, not counting the four I received for a magazine review.  So for no particular reason, I’m going to list those purchases here, grouped by the categories I use in my library.  I’m not going to provide links to them; by now you probably know how to find them on the web yourself.  Publication year is of the first edition – some of these are reprints.

If you have read any of these or have any comments, let fly.  Maybe this will be a conversation starter.

Abolition, Emancipation, Slavery:

Confederate Emancipation, Bruce Levine, 2006 – Southern plans to free and arm slaves during the Civil War

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, Frederick Douglass, 1845

Nothing but Freedom, Eric Foner, 1983 – Emancipation and its legacy

Patriotic Treason, Evan Carton, 2006 – John Brown and the soul of America

Battles and Campaigns:

Antietam Hospitals, John Schildt, 1987 – The story of the hospitals set up in the aftermath and vicinity of the Battle of Antietam

The Battle of Glorieta Pass, Thomas Edrington & John Taylor, 1998 – The story of the New Mexico battle of March, 1862

History and Tour Guide of the Antietam Battlefield, Editors of Blue & Gray Magazine, 1995 – Tour guide


Winfield Scott Hancock, Gettysburg Hero, Perry D. Jamieson, 2003

Commands, Strategy and Tactics:

The Civil War and the Limits of Destruction, Mark E. Neely, Jr., 2007 – The destructiveness of the Civil War in a comparative context

Trench Warfare under Grant & Lee, Earl J. Hess, 2007 – Field Fortifications in the Overland Campaigns

Community History:

Confederate Charleston, Robert N. Rosen, 1994 – An illustrated history of the city and the people during the Civil War

Pennsylvania Civil War Trails, Tom Huntington, 2007 – The guide to Pennsylvania battle sites, monuments, museums & towns

Diaries and Letters:

Echoes, Benjamin A. Fordyce (Lydia P. Hecht, editor), 1996 – Letters of a Quaker surgeon of the 160th NY

Germans in the Civil War, Walter Kamphoefner & Wolfgang Helrich, editors, 2006 translation of a 2002 German publication – Letters from German immigrant soldiers home to family and friends in Germany

Maryland Voices of the Civil War, Charles W. Mitchell, editor, 2007 – Diaries, letters & newspaper accounts chronicling the experiences of Marylanders in the Civil War

Meade’s Army, Theodore Lyman (David W.Lowe, editor), 2007 – The private notebooks of George Meade’s ADC


Spies & Spymasters of the Civil War, Donald E. Markle, 1994


Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Keckley, Jennifer Fleischner, 2003 – The friendship between Mary Todd and a former slave employed in the White House


Gangrene and Glory, Frank R. Freemon, 1998, Medical care during the Civil War


Personal Memoirs of John H. Brinton, John H.Brinton, 1914 – A Union surgeon and cousin of George B. McClellan

A Rebel Cavalryman, John N. Opie, 1899 – A Confederate who was present at Bull Run


From Cape Charles to Cape Fear, Robert M. Browning, 1993   – The North Atlantic blockading squadron during the Civil War

The Last Shot, Lynn Schooler, 2005 – The story of the CSS Shenandoah

Union Jacks, Michael J.Bennet, 2004 – Yankee sailors in the Civil War


Andersonville: The Last Depot, William Marvel, 1994

Special Studies:

The Civil War in the Western Territories, Ray C. Colton, 1959 – The war in Colorado, New Mexico and Utah

The Collapse of the Confederacy, Charles H. Wesley, 1937

Unit Histories:

Headquarters in the Brush, Darl L. Stephenson, 2001 – Blazer’s Independent Union Scouts

In Camp and Battle with the Washington Artillery of New Orleans, William Miller Owen, 1885 – The story of the famous Confederate artillery unit



4 responses

9 11 2007
Rene Tyree

Hi Harry,
An interesting collection of topics but I have none of these as of yet in my library. Being a helpless book collector with no self-control what so ever, I’d be more than willing to read any you have particular interest in discussing and “let fly.”



9 11 2007
Steve Basic


Have read a few in the list. The Brinton memoir stands out as one of the better I have read over the years. Marvel’s book on Andersonville is hands down the most depressing book on the Civil War I have ever read. I have yet to read any other history of a prison during the war since I finished that one.

Hope all is well.



10 11 2007
Mike Peters


I really enjoyed the following:

Headquarters in the Brush, Darl L. Stephenson
Trench Warfare under Grant & Lee, Earl J. Hess

I see a couple of medical books on your list. You might want to take a look at “Bleeding Blue & Gray: Civil War Surgery & the Evolution of American Medicine,” by Ira Rutkow. The first chapter deals with Bull Run.



10 11 2007


I haven’t personally read the Hess book, but Drew Wagenhoffer posted a good review of it Thursday over on his blog if you haven’t already seen it.


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